Ezekiel 27
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1And the word of LORD JEHOVAH was upon me, saying: 2“But you, son of man, lament a lamentation over Tyre

3And say to Tyre: “She who was inhabited in the entrance of the sea, the commerce of the Gentiles and of the many islands, thus says THE LORD OF LORDS: Tyre, you have said, “I AM THE LIVING GOD, the crown of praise”

4Your borders in the heart of the seas and your builders perfected your beauty

5They brought beams and boards for you from Sanir, and they took cedars from Lebanon that they would make pen enclosures for you

6And from the oaks of Bayshan they made your oars, and your boards they made of tusks of ivory from the islands of Khethites

7And the coverings of fine white linen of your decoration they brought from Egypt, that they will be blue sails for you, and they brought purple for you from the islands of Alis for your covering

8Dwellers of Tsidon and of Arud were drivers for your oars. Your wise men, Tyre, have been your mariners

9The Elders of Gebal and its Wise Men have been repairmen. Your repairers of all ships of the sea and their Mariners were from your west

10The Persians and the Lydians and the Putian men warriors have been in your army. They hung shields and helmets among you, and they were glory for you 11The sons of Arud and your army have been standing on your walls, and they guard your towers. They hung their shields circling your walls and they perfected your beauty

12Tarshish is in the place of your market and the multitude of your wealth; silver and iron and tin and lead they brought to you for sale 13Yavan and Tubil and Meshek, your Merchants in the lives of the children of men, and vessels of brass 14From the house of Tugarma they brought horses and horsemen and shemules to you for sale 15The sons of Daran your Merchants, and many islands in the place of the merchandise of your hands, brought gifts to you: horns of oil and frankincense 16Edum in the place of your merchandise and the multitude of your works, purple and fine white linen and embroidery, and dark blue and silk and ornaments they brought to you for sale 17Yehuda and the land of Israel, those were your Merchants; wheat, rice and millet, and honey and oil and balm they brought to you for sale 18Darmsuq was in the place of your merchandise and of a multitude of your works, and the multitude of your wealth, with heavenly wine and with white wool 19And Dan and Yavan from Uzal brought you iron that you work to sell, and wood and cassia and cane they brought to you for sale 20Daran in the place of your merchandise brought you an abundance of the best cattle 21And rams and lambs and kids they brought to you 22The Merchants of Sheba and of Rama brought you the best spices and good stones and gold to buy 23Kharan and Caneh and Eden, the Merchants of Sheba and Assyria were in the place of your trade 24These are your Merchants who bring you garments of blue and of embroidery and precious treasures bound with cords and in ships of cedar wood

25Sons of Tarshish who are to your west brought you cargo and you were filled and you grew very strong

26And rowers for your oars brought you into the heart of the seas and into many waters; the hot wind has broken you in the heart of the seas

27And your wealth and your merchandise that is from your west, all your warrior men and your sailors and the repairers, your repairers who are from your west, all your warrior men and all the multitude who are within you shall fall in the heart of the seas in the day of your ruin

28For the voice of the wailing of your sailors will shake those who are around you

29And all the rowers of oars shall come down from their ships, and the sailors and all the mariners of the sea shall stand on the land

30And they shall lament over you a great and bitter lamentation, and they shall cast dust on their heads and they shall wallow in ashes

31And they shall shave their heads for you, and they shall put on sackcloth, and they shall weep bitterly for you in mourning

32And their children shall mourn great mourning for you, and they shall say: “Who is there that was like Tyre who was dwelling within the sea?”

33When your possessions went out from the sea, you satisfied many nations, and from the abundance of your wealth of your merchandise you enriched the Kings of the Earth

34In the time that you are broken and are fallen into the depths of the sea, your merchandise and all your multitudes are fallen within you

35All the dwellers of the islands marveled at you, and their Kings were amazed, and their faces wept

36The Merchants of the Gentiles hissed at you. You have come to destruction, and you are not forever

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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