Galatians 2
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1But again, after 14 years, I went up to Jerusalem with BarNaba, and I brought Titus with me. 2But I went up with revelation and I revealed to them The Gospel which I preached among the Gentiles. And I showed it privately to those who were considered to be something, otherwise I would have run in vain or might run in vain. 3Even Titus, an Aramaean who was with me, was not compelled to be circumcised. 4But because of false brethren who came in to spy on the liberty that we have in Yeshua The Messiah, so as to enslave me, 5Not for a moment did we yield to their oppression, but that the truth of The Gospel may continue with you. 6But those who were esteemed to be something (but who they were does not concern me) for God does not accept the persons of men, but those who are such have not added anything to me. 7But on the contrary, for they saw that I was entrusted with The Gospel of uncircumcision as Kaypha was entrusted with the circumcision. 8For he who encourages Kaypha in the Apostleship of the circumcision also encourages me in the Apostleship of the Gentiles. 9And when they recognized the grace that is given to me, Jacob and Kaypha and Yohannan, those who were esteemed to be pillars, gave me and BarNaba the right hand of fellowship, because we are among the Gentiles and those are among the circumcision, 10Only that we would remember the poor, and I had been concerned to do this.

11But when Kaypha came to Antiakia, I rebuked him to his face because they were tripped up by him; 12For before people would come from the presence of Jacob, he was eating with the Gentiles, but when they came, he withdrew himself and separated, because he was afraid of those who were of the circumcision. 13And others of the Judeans were also yielding with him in this; likewise also, BarNaba was led to accept their persons. 14And when I saw that they were not walking uprightly in the truth of The Gospel, I said to Kaypha in the sight of all of them, “If you who are a Jew are living like a Syrian and you are not living as a Jew, why do you compel Gentiles to live as Jews?

15For we who are by our nature Judeans and not sinners of the Gentiles, 16Because we know that a man is not justified by works of The Written Law, but by the faith of Yeshua The Messiah, we also believe in Yeshua The Messiah, that we should be made right by the faith of The Messiah, and not by the works of The Written Law, because no one is made right by the works of The Written Law. 17But if when we seek to be made right by The Messiah, we are found to be sinners, is then Yeshua the Minister of sin? God forbid! 18For if I build those things again that I once destroyed, I have shown about myself that I violate The Covenant. 19For I by The Written Law have died to The Written Law that I might live unto God. 20And I have been crucified with The Messiah, and from then on I myself have not been living, but The Messiah is living in me, and this that I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of The Son of God, he who has loved us and has given himself for us. 21I do not reject the grace of God, for if righteousness is by The Written Law, The Messiah died for nothing.

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