Genesis 18
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1And he lifted his eyes, and he saw, and behold, three men standing over by him, and he saw them and he ran to meet them from the door of the tent, and he bowed on the ground, 2And he said, “LORD JEHOVAH, if I have found favor in your eyes, do not pass on from your Servant: 3I shall take a little water and I shall wash your feet and recline under the tree: 4And take a piece of bread and sustain your heart, and after this, pass on, because in this manner you have come unto your Servant” and they said, “In this manner do as you have said.” 5And Abraham made haste and he ran to the tent to Sara and said, “Quickly knead three 6gallon measures fine flour and make flat cakes.” 7And Abraham ran to the herd and he took one fat and good calf and he gave it to a boy and he hurried to prepare it. 8And he took butter and milk and the calf that he prepared and set before them, and he stood over them under the tree, and they ate.

9And they said to him, “Where is Sara your wife?”, and he said, “Here, in the tent.” 10And he said to him, “Returning, I shall return to you at this time when she is living, and Sara your wife shall have a son”, and Sara heard at the door of the tent and it was behind him. 11And Abraham and Sara were old and they had advanced in years; the way of women had departed from Sara. 12And Sara laughed in her heart and she said, “After I am worn out will I have youth, and my Lord is old?” 13And LORD JEHOVAH said to Abraham: “Why did Sara laugh and say, ‘Truly, shall I give birth when I am old?’ 14Is the matter greater than LORD JEHOVAH?, for at this time I shall return to you when she is living, and Sara your wife shall have a son.” 15And Sara denied, and she said, “I did not laugh”, because she was afraid; and he said, “No, but you did laugh.”

16And the men got up from there and gazed on the face of Sadom; Abraham went with them to accompany them. 17And LORD JEHOVAH said: “Will I hide from my Servant Abraham the thing that I do; 18And Abraham is going to be for a great people and many, and all of the nations of the Earth shall be blessed in him? 19Because I know him, that he commands his children and the children in his house after him, so that they keep the ways of LORD JEHOVAH to do righteousness and judgment, because LORD JEHOVAH shall bring on Abraham what he said about him.” 20And LORD JEHOVAH said: “The bellowing of Sadom and of Ammora has entered before me, and their sins are very grievous, 21I shall descend; I shall see if they have done and they have fulfilled according to the bellowing that has come to me, otherwise I shall know.”

22And the men turned from there and they went to Sadom, and Abraham was still standing before LORD JEHOVAH. 23And Abraham came near and said, “Do you destroy the righteous in a rage with sinners? 24If there are fifty righteous within the city, do you destroy in a rage and do you not forgive the place because of fifty righteous who are within it? 25Let it not be for you to make this response, that you would kill the innocent with the guilty! And will the innocent be as the guilty? May it not be for you, the Judge of all the Earth! This judgment should not be done!” 26And LORD JEHOVAH said: “If I shall find in Sadom fifty righteous within the city, I shall forgive all the place because of them.” 27And Abraham answered and said, “Behold, I have begun to speak before LORD JEHOVAH, and I am dust and ashes. 28And if five are lacking from fifty righteous, will you destroy the entire city because of five?” And he said, “I shall not destroy if I find there forty and five.” 29And Abraham added again to say to him, “And if forty are found there?” And he said, “I shall not destroy if I find forty there.” 30And he said, “Let it not be evil to LORD JEHOVAH, and I shall speak; and if thirty are found there?” and he said “I shall not destroy if I find thirty there.” 31And he said, “Behold, I have begun to speak before LORD JEHOVAH; and if twenty are found there?” And he said, “I shall not destroy for twenty.” 32And he said, “Let it not be evil to LORD JEHOVAH, and I shall speak only this time; and if ten are found there?” And he said, “I shall not destroy for ten.” 33And LORD JEHOVAH went on when He had finished speaking with Abraham, and Abraham returned to his place.

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
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