Isaiah 34
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1Come nations to hear, and pay attention peoples! The Earth shall hear in its fullness, the world and all its inhabitants!

2Because the wrath of LORD JEHOVAH is on all the nations and his wrath on all their armies, so that he shall destroy them, and he shall hand them over for slaughter

3And their slain shall be cast out and the stench of their corpses will hit, and the mountains shall be melted with their blood

4And all the hosts of Heaven shall melt, and Heaven will be rolled up as a scroll, and all their host shall fall as a leaf that will fall from a vine, and like a fig from a fig tree!

5Because my sword shall be made drunk in Heaven! Behold, it shall come down against the Adumites, on the people that were condemned in judgment

6The sword of LORD JEHOVAH is full of blood! It is anointed with blood and with the fat of fatlings and of goats, and the fat of the kidneys of rams, because of the sacrifice to LORD JEHOVAH in Butsar, and great slaughter in the land of Adum.

7And wild bulls will fall with them, and bulls with heifers, and the Earth shall be soaked with their blood, and the dust will receive of their fat

8Because of the day of vengeance for LORD JEHOVAH, and the year of vengeance for the judgment of Zion

9And its streams shall be turned to pitch, and its dust to brimstone, and its land shall be burning pitch

10And you shall not put it out night and day, and its smoke ascends to eternity, and it shall be destroyed for a generation of generations, and for the eternity of eternities a man shall not pass through in it

11Pelicans and owls shall inherit it, and crows and ravens shall dwell in it, and a measuring cord of ruin shall be stretched upon it, and no joy will be there

12Also they shall not call the Kingdom there, and all its great ones shall be for destruction

13And thorns shall sprout up within her walls, and thorn bushes and thistles in its stronghold, and it shall be a den of jackals and the place of pasture for the daughters of ostriches

14And spirits shall hold meetings in it, and an evil spirit shall call to his fellow. There a female night demon is rested, and she has found rest for herself

15And the groundhog nests there and rouses itself and burrows and breaks through in the shade, and there vultures are gathered one with another

16Seek in the book of LORD JEHOVAH and read, because none of these has been lost, and one has not searched for another, but he commanded with his mouth and his Spirit has gathered these

17And he cast lots for these and his hand divided measuring lines for these, so that they shall inherit it until eternity, and for a generation of generations they shall dwell in it

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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