Isaiah 33
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1Woe to those who plunder you! You shall not plunder, and let none be accused of deceit among you. Whenever you choose to plunder, you shall be plundered, and whenever you choose to deceive, one shall be accused of deceit among you

2LORD JEHOVAH, show mercy to us, because our hope is upon you! Be our helper at dawn and our Savior in time of trouble!

3From the voice of your awe the nations turned away, and from your highness the nations were scattered

4Therefore your loot shall be gathered as the gathering of crawling locusts, and like a gathering of locusts that are assembled

5LORD JEHOVAH who inhabits the high places is lifted up, and judgment and righteousness filled Zion

6And your time will be faith, and your salvation in the secret place. The awe of LORD JEHOVAH is wisdom and knowledge. This is his treasury

7If he appears to them, they will howl severely, and the Messengers of peace will weep bitterly!

8They hunted the streets and they destroyed passersby of the road, and he abolished the covenant and the cities are rejected, and they have not esteemed men

9The Earth howls and sits in mourning, and Lebanon is put to shame and is ashamed, and Sharon was as a plain. Bayshan and Karmela are destroyed!

10Therefore I shall arise, says LORD JEHOVAH; therefore I shall be lifted up, and from now I shall be taken up

11And you shall conceive thorns and you shall bring forth stubble; by your breath fire shall consume you

12And the nations shall be burning like quicklime, and like the thorns that are gathered; in fire they shall burn up

13Hear, distant ones, the thing that I have done, and know, near ones, my heroism

14Sinners were alarmed in Zion, and trembling fell on the pagans. “Who shall cause us to dwell with consuming fire, and who will cause us to dwell with the burning of eternity?”

15He who walks in righteousness and speaks integrity and hates deceit and oppression, and he shakes his hand from taking a bribe and stops his ears that he will not hear, and shuts his eyes that he would not see evil

16This one shall dwell in the high place, and his dwelling is in the strength of a cliff. His bread is given and his waters are faithful

17Our eyes shall see The King in his beauty; your eyes in distant lands!

18And your heart shall be taught awe. Where is the Scribe? Where is the Banker? Where is he who numbers towers for the strong people?

19No one shall regard the people whose reputation is severe and his tongue stuttering, and he is not understood.

20See Zion the city of our festivals, and your eyes shall behold in Jerusalem a bountiful pasture, a Tabernacle that does not move, and its poles are not uprooted for eternities, and none of its cords are cut off

21Because The Name of LORD JEHOVAH is glorious to us, and he shall be a place of light and brightness to us, and an expanse round about where the authority of a Prince shall not reign, and the mighty man who is found shall not pass through in it

22Because LORD JEHOVAH is the Judge and LORD JEHOVAH is The Prophet and LORD JEHOVAH is our King and he is our Savior

23Your cords were loosed that were not secured, and your masts were bent whose sails they did not straighten, until they divided the loot and a multitude of lame men seized the booty

24And the traveler will not say, "I am sick.” The people bearing sin who dwell in it I shall teach of judgment

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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