Job 14
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1Thus is the man born of woman, and he is few of days and suffers terror

2And like a flower he comes forth and dries up and fades and flees as a shadow and does not remain

3Also on this one you opened your eyes, and will you bring him into judgment with you?

4Who will render the pure from the defiled? Not even one!

5If his days are cut off and the number of his months are circumcised, you have made the Law that he will not pass from it

6And he will breathe until his days run out as a hired man

7Because there is hope for a tree that if it is cut, it is renewed again; its offshoots are not lacking

8And if its root grows old in the earth and its vegetation may die in the dust

9From the scent of waters it will flourish and it will make leaves as a plant

10And a man dies and wastes away and a son of man is finished and he is not

11Waters disappear from the sea, and a river dwindles and dries up

12And a man who falls asleep does not rise until the Heavens wear out; they will not be awakened and they do not break out from their sleep

13But The Maker who is in Sheol has hidden me and concealed me until your wrath had passed, but you set a resurrection for me and you remembered me

14If a man dies does he live? And all the days of his youth he waits until his old age comes

15If you call me I shall answer you, and upon the work of your hands I shall think

16Because now, do not number my goings and do not hold my sins against me

17Seal my debts in a bundle and remove my sins from me

18Truly a mighty mountain falls or a precipice is being shaken from its place

19The waters wear away stone or a clod of the dust of the Earth. You have destroyed the hope of man

20You will prevail over him to eternity and he will walk in the shame of his face; you will cast him away

21If his sons will be multiplied, he does not know, and if they diminish, it is not known to them

22However his flesh upon him will sorrow, and his soul will mourn for him”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
Lulu Publishing
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