Job 33
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1However, hear Job, my words, and give ear to all my words

2Behold, I have opened my mouth and in my mouth my tongue speaks

3Upright is the speaking of my mouth and chosen is the speech of my lips

4The Spirit of God has awakened me and the breath of God has given me life

5If can you return an answer, be ready and stand before me

6I, like you, am with God, also I was formed from clay

7And now my dread will not shake you and my anxiety will not be a burden for you

8However, you have spoken in my ear and the voice of your words I have heard

9For you have said: I am innocent without debts, and I am righteous, and there is no sin in me, and I am free from evil

10Behold, he finds occasions against me and he counts me as an enemy to him

11And he laid my feet in the stocks and he watches in all my ways

12In this you cannot be justified; I shall give you an answer: ‘God is greater than man’

13Why have you sued with him, and in all his statements he has not answered?

14Because God speaks with one and does not do more with two, and by the lips he is not understood

15In a dream and in a vision of the night, when sleep falls on man in slumber on a couch

16Then he opens the ear of a man, and in their revolt he will humble them

17To cause a man to pass from his works and to hide the body of a man

18He will save his soul from corruption and his life from destruction

19And he will hide in sickness on his bed and the multitude of his bones will be sore

20His flesh will waste away from his fear, and his soul will not be satisfied with bread, and his soul will lust for food

21He will consume his flesh from fear, and the multitude of his bones he will not see

22And his soul will come near to destruction and his life to death

23If he has an Angel that hears him, one of a thousand, he will show to the man his uprightness

24And he will show compassion upon him and will say: ‘Save him, that he will not descend to destruction and he will find salvation!’

25His flesh shall be transformed as that in his boyhood, and he shall return to the days of his youth

26And he will pray before God and he will answer him, and will be pleased with him and will appear before him in glory, and he will award to a son of man his righteousness

27And Uprightness will speak concerning a man, and he will say: ‘I have sinned, and truly I have offended, and my soul has not prospered

28Save my soul from the destruction of corruption, and my soul will see light!’

29All these things God does three times with a man

30He returns his soul from corruption to see the light of life

31Give ear, Job, and hear, and be silent and I shall speak

32If you have words, bring them to me, because it is desired that you be innocent

33And if not, hear me, be still, and I shall teach you wisdom”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
Lulu Publishing
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3rd edition Copyright © 2019

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