Job 9
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1And Job answered and said:

2“Truly I know that it is so, and no man overcomes God

3If he will desire to judge his people, not one of a thousand answers him

4He is wise of heart and mighty in power; who is hardened against him and has peace?

5He who removes mountains, does he not know? And he overturns them in his wrath!

6He who shakes the Earth from its foundations and its inhabitants quake

7He who spoke to the sun and it did not rise, and seals the surfaces of the stars

8He who stretched out Heaven alone and treads on the power of the sea

9He who made Pleiades and the star Aldebaran and the Giant Orion and the circuit to the south

10He who made great things without limit and mighty things without number

11Behold, if He passes by me, I do not see him, and if he surrounds me, I do not discern him

12Behold, if he destroys, who would command with his hand and who will say to him: ‘what are you doing?’

13God does not turn back his anger, and under him the helpers of many will be humbled

14Also I shall answer him and I shall set my words in order before him

15If I am not justified, I will not be heard, and to my Judge I shall make supplication

16If I called and he answered me, still I would not believe that he heard my voice

17For with power he spares me in every hair of my head, and he increases my wounds without charge

18And he has not left me that my spirit may rest, because bitterness filled me, and wormwood made me drunk

19If one is strong in power, he is, and if he is for judgment, who is going to appease him?

20If I shall claim innocence, my mouth will condemn me. I am perfect and I am perverted

21I am perfect and I do not know my soul. I have despised my life.

22It is one, because of this I have said: ‘He is destroying the righteous and the wicked.’

23If his rod kills suddenly, also he is mocking the senselessness of the innocent

24The Earth he has given into the hand of The Wicked One and the faces of Judges are covered, but who endures his anger?

25My days are faster than a runner; they flee away and they see no good

26They have passed by with the many ships of an enemy like an eagle that flies upon its food

27With my bitterness I have forgotten my story; if I shall leave my meditation or my words, I am grieved

28And if I rest, I am afraid of every torment, because I know that you do not declare me innocent

29Behold, if I will be condemned, why do you destroy me as if it were nothing?

30And if I am washed in water of snow and I am cleansed in the purity of my hands

31Then you will sink me into a ditch, and my garments will stay away from me

32Because he is not a man like me that I would give him an answer, and we would enter as one to judgment

33But, oh that there would be a reprover between us that he would lay his hand on the mouth of us both!

34And he would remove his rod from me, and his terror would not shake me

35I would speak and I would not be afraid of him, because I have not been against him

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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