Leviticus 21
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1And LORD JEHOVAH said to Moshe, “Say to the Priests, the children of Ahron, that they shall not be defiled for the soul of the dead among their people: 2Except with his near relative that is close to him: for his father or for his mother or for his son or for his daughter or for his brother, 3Or he may be defiled for his sister, a virgin who was near to him, who was not with a man, 4He shall not be defiled for the Prince of his people, that he will not be polluted. 5And they certainly shall not shave their heads or they shall not shave the mustache of their beards, and they shall not cut cuttings in their flesh. 6But they shall be Holy Ones to their God and they shall not pollute the Name of their God, because they receive the offering of LORD JEHOVAH, the bread of their God, and they shall be Holy Ones. 7They shall not take a harlot woman and a polluted woman and they shall not take a woman who is divorced from her husband, because he is holy to his God. 8Hallow him, because he is bringing the bread of your God; he shall be holy to you because I AM holy, I LORD JEHOVAH, who hallow you. 9And the daughter of a man, a Priest, when she will begin to commit fornication, her father is defiled; she shall burn in fire.

10And the Great Priest of his brothers, on whose head the oil of the anointing is poured, and whose hand is consecrated to wear the garments, he shall not shave his head, and he shall not tear his garments; 11And he shall not enter upon any soul of the dead and he shall not be polluted with his father or with his mother; 12And he shall not come forth from the holy place and he shall not pollute the holy place of his God, because of the crown of oil of his anointing of his God upon him; I AM LORD JEHOVAH. 13And this one shall take a virgin woman. 14And he shall not take one of these: a widow, or a divorced woman, or a woman defiled with prostitution, but he shall take a virgin woman of his people. 15And he shall not defile his seed with his people, because I AM LORD JEHOVAH Who hallows him."

16And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe and said to him, 17“Speak with Ahron and say to him: ‘A man of your seed for their generations who will have a defect in him shall not come to bring the bread of his God.

18Because no man who has a defect in him shall come near: a man who is lame, or blind, or flat nosed, or whose ear is deformed. 19Or a man who has a broken foot, or a broken hand, 20Or is bent over, or is small, or whose eyebrows are fallen, or is dimmed, or whitish in his eyes, or has leprosy in him, or is hunchbacked, or of one testicle; 21No man who has a defect in him of the seed of Ahron the Priest shall come near to offer the offering of LORD JEHOVAH, because of that blemish in him; he shall not come to offer the bread of his God. 22He shall eat the bread of his God between the Holy holies and the Holy Place. 23However he shall not enter within the face of the door and he shall not come to the altar, because a defect is in him, and he shall not pollute my holy place, because I AM LORD JEHOVAH who hallow them.’” 24And Moshe spoke to Ahron and his children and all the children of Israel.

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