Leviticus 26
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1"You shall not make to yourselves idols, and you shall not erect images or statues for yourselves; you shall not make stones of worship in your land, neither shall you worship them; I AM LORD JEHOVAH your God. 2Keep my commands and reverence my Holy Place; I AM LORD JEHOVAH. 3If you walk in my Law and you keep my commandments and you will do them; 4I shall give your rains in their times and Earth will give its harvests and the tree of the field will give its fruit. 5And you shall thresh the threshing until grape harvest and grape harvest shall overtake sowing seed and you shall eat your bread and you shall be satisfied and you shall dwell in your land in quietness. 6And I shall give peace in your land and you shall lie down and there shall be nothing that frightens you and I shall rid the land of harmful animals and the sword shall not pass through in your land. 7And you shall chase your enemies and they shall fall before you by the sword. 8And five of you shall chase a hundred and a hundred of you shall chase ten thousand and your enemies shall fall before you by the sword. 9And I shall turn to you and I shall multiply you and I shall increase you and I shall confirm my covenant with you. 10And you shall eat the old of the old and you shall bring out the old before the new. 11And I shall put my tent among you and my soul shall not detest you. 12And I shall walk among you and I shall be your God and you shall be my people. 13I AM LORD JEHOVAH your God who have brought you out from the land of Egypt that you would not be slaves to them and I have broken the yoke of your bondage and your steps are erect in stature.

14But if you will not listen to me and you will not do all of these commandments; 15If you will reject my Law and your souls will loathe my judgments and you will not do all of my commands and you shall nullify my covenant: 16Also I in this way I shall do to you: I shall order upon you shock and leprosy and scabs and a discharge that destroys the eyes and decays the life and you will sow your seed for nothing and your enemies shall eat it. 17And I shall put my wrath in you and you shall be broken before your enemies and your haters shall rule over you and you shall escape and you shall flee when there is none who chases you. 18And if in these things you will not listen to me again, I shall continue to chastise you each sevenfold for your sins. 19And I shall break the magnificence of your strength and I shall make your skies like iron and your ground like brass: 20And your power shall be spent in futility and your land shall not give its harvests and the trees of the land shall not yield their fruit.

21And if you will walk with me contentiously and you will not be willing to listen to me, I shall add upon you plagues, each by sevens, for your sins. 22And I shall send upon you beasts of the field and they shall bereave you and shall destroy your domestic animals and they shall diminish you and your roads shall be desolate.

23And if in these things, you again will not be instructed, and you will walk with me contentiously; 24I shall walk also with you contentiously and I shall strike you also, each sevenfold for your sins. 25And I shall bring upon you a sword to avenge with the vengeance of the covenant, and you shall flee to your cities and I shall send among you a plague, and you shall be given into the hand of your enemies. 26And I shall break the stalk of your grain and ten women shall bake your bread in one oven and they shall give to you bread by weight, and you shall eat and you shall not be satisfied.

27And if in these things you again will not listen to me and you will walk with me contentiously; 28Also I shall walk with you in anger and in contention and I shall chasten you each sevenfold for your sins. 29And you shall eat the flesh of your sons and you will eat the flesh of your daughters. 30And I shall destroy your shrines and I shall destroy your idols and I shall cast your corpses on the bodies of your idols and my soul shall detest you. 31And I shall make your cities into a wilderness and I shall lay waste your sanctuaries and I shall not smell the fragrance of your savors. 32And I shall destroy also the land and your enemies who dwell in it shall be astonished over it. 33And I shall scatter you among the nations and I shall unsheathe a sword after you, and destruction shall possess your land and your cities shall be a wilderness.

34And then the land will be pleased in its Sabbaths all of the days of its desolation, when you are in the land of your enemies, and then the land shall rest and it shall be pleased in its Sabbaths. 35All of the days of its desolation it shall rest because it did not rest on your Sabbaths when you were dwelling in it. 36And into the hearts of those who are left among you I shall cast trepidation, in the lands of their enemies, and the sound of leaves stirring will chase them, and they will flee as escaping from before the sword, and they will fall when there is no one chasing them. 37And a man shall be stumbled by his brother as one before a sword when there is no one chasing them, and there will be no standing before their enemies. 38And you shall be destroyed among the nations and the land of your enemies shall consume you. 39And those who remain among you will putrefy in their evil in the land of their enemies, also they will rot in the evil of their fathers.

40And they shall confess their evil and the evil of their fathers in the evil that they have done to me; and because they walked with me in contention; 41Also I shall walk with them in contention, and I shall bring them to the land of their enemies, and then their uncircumcised heart will be broken and then they will acknowledge their evil: 42And I shall remember my covenant with Yaquuv and my covenant with Isaaq and I shall remember my covenant with Abraham and I shall remember the land. 43And the land shall be forsaken of them and it shall be pleased in its Sabbaths whenever it is deserted by them, and they shall acknowledge their evil because they rejected my judgment and their souls loathed my commands. 44Also when they were in the land of their enemies I did not despise them and I have not cast them off and I have not destroyed them and I have not discontinued my covenant with them. 45But I have remembered for them the first covenant because I AM LORD JEHOVAH their God who brought them out from the land of Egypt before the eyes of the nations, and I have been their God; I AM LORD JEHOVAH."

46These are the commandments and the laws and the judgments which LORD JEHOVAH gave between him and the children of Israel into the hand of Moshe in the mountain of Sinai.

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