Leviticus 25
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1And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe in the mountain of Sinai and said to him: 2“Speak with the children of Israel and say to them: “Whenever you have entered the land that I give to you as an inheritance, the land shall rest for a Sabbath to LORD JEHOVAH. 3Six years you shall sow your fields and six years you shall prune your vineyards and six years you shall be gathering your produce; 4And the seventh year shall be a Sabbath rest to the land and there shall be to you a Sabbath for LORD JEHOVAH; you shall not sow your fields and you shall not prune your vineyards. 5And you shall not harvest what grows of your harvest and you shall not gather the grapes of your vine shoots; the land will have a year of Sabbath. 6And you shall have a Sabbath of the land for food, for you and for your servants and for your maids and for your hired men and for your squatters who dwell with you, 7And for your domestic animals and for the beasts that are in your land; you will have all the crops for food.

8And count to yourselves seven years of Sabbaths, seven years by seven times, and they shall be for you the days of seven Sabbaths of years forty and nine years. 9And sound with the trumpet sound on the trumpet on the tenth in the seventh month; on the day of atonement sound a trumpet in all your land. 10And hallow the fiftieth year of years and call for freedom in the land for all its inhabitants and it shall be a restoration to you, and return each man to his inheritance and each man to his family. 11And in the fiftieth year of years you shall have a restoration; you shall not sow your land and you shall not harvest its natural crop and you shall not pick its vine shoots. 12Because it is a restoration, and holiness shall be upon you, and eat the crops from the field.

13In this year of restoration also return a man to his inheritance. 14And if you sell goods to your neighbor, or if you buy from your neighbor, you shall not cheat any man his brother: 15By the number of years after the restoration, buy from your neighbor, and by the number of years of a crop he shall sell to you: 16In proportion to the multitude of years, you shall increase its price, and in proportion to the fewness of years you shall decrease its price, because he sells to you by that number of crop years. 17And you shall not cheat any man his brother, and be in awe of your God, because I AM LORD JEHOVAH your God.

18Do my commands and keep my judgments and do them, and dwell in the land in quietness. 19And the land shall give its fruit and you shall eat and you shall be satisfied and you shall dwell in it in quietness. 20And if you say, 'What will we eat in the seventh year when we do not sow and we do not gather its harvests?': 21I shall send you my blessings in the sixth year and it will produce the crops of three years. 22And you shall sow in the eighth year and you shall eat of old crops until the ninth year; until the crop comes in, be eating the old.

23And the land in truth shall not be sold for eternity, because the land is mine and you are inhabitants and pilgrims with me. 24And in all the land of your inheritance you shall give a redemption of the land.

25And if your brother will become poor and will sell some of his inheritance, his close one that is close to him will come redeem the sale of his brother. 26And if there is not one who redeems, and it will come into his hand and he will find enough for his redemption; 27He will account the years of his purchase and he shall return the surplus to the man who bought from him and will return his inheritance. 28And if it does not come into his hands so as to pay him, the purchase shall be firm to him who bought it until the year of restoration, and he shall go forth in the restoration and he shall return to his inheritance.

29And if a man will sell a house, a dwelling of a city that has a wall, it shall be his redemption until the year of his sale is finished; his redemption shall be from that time to the time. 30And if it is not redeemed until the entire year is finished for him, the house that is in the city that has a wall shall be established in truth to him who bought it, and it will be for his generations and it will not depart from him in the restoration. 31But the houses of the country without a wall surrounding them as a field of the land, they shall be considered redemption; it shall be theirs, and in the restoration they will come forth. 32And the towns of Levites, the houses that are in the town of their inheritance, shall be the redemption to eternity for the Levites. 33And he who will redeem the purchase of a Levite will bring forth from his purchase of the house and the field of his inheritance in the restoration, because the houses of the cities of Levites, those are their inheritance among the children of Israel. 34And the field that is in the edges of their city shall not be sold because that is a heritage for them to eternity.

35And if your brother will become poor and he will stretch out his hand with you, you may not hold him as a squatter and like a foreigner and he shall live with you. 36Do not take a discount and interest from him, and be in awe of your God, and your brother shall live with you. 37Do not give your silver to him at a discount and do not give your food with interest. 38I AM LORD JEHOVAH your God who brought you out from the land of Egypt, that I shall give to you the land of Canaan, and I shall be God to you.

39And if your brother will become poor and will be sold to you, you shall not force him into the service of a Servant: 40He shall be with you as a hired man and like a pilgrim; he shall be with you until the year of restoration. 41And he will go forth from your presence, he and his children with him, and he shall return to his family, and he shall return to the inheritance of his father. 42Because they are my Servants whom I brought out from the land of Egypt; they shall not be sold with the price of a Servant. 43And you shall not force him into hard service, and be in awe of your God. 44And from your Servants and your Maids who will be yours from the nations that are around you, you shall buy Servants and Maids. 45Also you shall possess some children of foreigners who dwell with you, of them and of their families that are with you who are born in your land, and they shall be an inheritance to you. 46And bequeath them to your children after you to inherit an inheritance and for a lifetime you may make them Laborers; and you shall not compel your brothers, the children of Israel, a man with his brother, to labor hard labor.

47And if there is enough in the hands of an inhabitant and a Pilgrim of your people, and your brother is made poor with him and he will be sold to the inhabitant and to the Pilgrim with you, or to one born of the family of a stranger with you: 48After he will be sold, he shall have redemption; one of his brothers may buy him: 49Or a paternal uncle, or the son of a paternal uncle shall redeem him; one near of his flesh from his tribe shall redeem him, and if he shall have enough in his hands he shall be redeemed. 50He shall count with his buyer from the year when he bought him until the year of restoration, and the money of his sale will be in the number of the years, according to the days of a hired man he shall be with him. 51And if there remain again an abundance of years in proportion to them, he shall return his redemption from the money of his purchase. 52And if a little is left in the years until the year of the restoration, he will account with him, and according to the proportion of his years he shall return his redemption. 53As a hired man, year by year he shall be with him; he shall not force him to labor severely before your eyes. 54And if he will not be redeemed in these things, he will go forth in the year of restoration, he and his children with him. 55Because the children of Israel are my Servants; they are my Servants whom I brought out from the land of Egypt. I AM LORD JEHOVAH your God."

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