Proverbs 10
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1A wise son gladdens his father, and a son deficient in mind shames his mother.

2There is no profit in the treasures of evil, but righteousness saves from death.

3For LORD JEHOVAH will not famish the soul of the righteous, but the property of the evil he demolishes.

4Poverty humbles a man but the hands of the diligent make rich.

5He that works in summer is an intelligent son, and he who sleeps in harvest is a son that brings shame.

6Blessing will be upon the head of the righteous and the mouth of the evil will conceal evil.

7The memory of the righteous is for a blessing and the name of the evil will be extinguished.

8For the wise will receive the commandment to his heart and he who is insane is caught by his lips.

9He that walks in perfection goes in hope, and he who perverts his ways will be known.

10He that winks with his eyes in deceit gives sorrow, and he who reproves openly makes peace.

11The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life, and the mouths of the evil will hide evil.

12Hatred stirs up judgment, and shame will cover all the evil ones.

13Whoever brings forth wisdom from his lips beats the man lacking a heart with a staff.

14The wise will conceal knowledge and the mouth of the hasty is near ruin.

15The property of the rich is mighty fortress cities, and the ruin of the poor is their poverty.

16The work of the Righteous One is for life and the fruits of the Evil One are for sin.

17The way of life preserves instruction and he that hates rebuke is a moron.

18The lips of the evil lie in wait in hostility and he that brings forth a curse is lacking a mind.

19In the multitude of words the evil one is not saved and he who restrains his lips is intelligent.

20The tongue of the righteous is choice silver and the heart of the evil is bitterness.

21The lips of the righteous multiply compassion and the insane will die in the deficiency of their mind.

22The blessing of LORD JEHOVAH makes rich and there shall be no sorrow with it.

23A moron, in making merry, does evil, and a man has wisdom by his reasoning.

24The evil one is dragged to destruction and hope is given to the righteous.

25As the tornado passes suddenly so the evil one will be destroyed and not be found, but the foundation of the righteous one will be laid for eternity.

26As unripe grapes hurt the teeth, and smoke the eyes, so evil hurts those practicing it.

27The worship of LORD JEHOVAH will add days, and the years of the evil ones will be subtracted.

28The hope of the righteous is with joy and the hope of the evil will perish.

29The way of LORD JEHOVAH is power to the perfect, and ruin to evildoers.

30The righteous will not be moved for eternity and the evil will not dwell in the Earth.

31The mouth of the righteous speaks wisdom and a perverted tongue will be cut out.

32The lips of the righteous know goodness, and the mouths of the evil are perverted.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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