Proverbs 11
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1LORD JEHOVAH despises the scales of deceit and he is pleased with correct scales.

2Where corruption enters, disgrace enters, and wisdom is for the humble.

3The hope of the upright will be built up, and the pride of the evil will be overthrown.

4Wealth is not useful in the day of wrath but righteousness saves from death.

5The righteousness of the perfect straightens his way and the evil one has fallen in his evil.

6The righteousness of the upright will save them, and the evil will be captured in their evil.

7Whenever an evil man has died, his hope has perished, and the hope of the evil perishes.

8The righteous is delivered from trouble and the evil one will enter in his place.

9With his mouth an evil one destroys his neighbor, and by knowledge the righteous shall be strengthened.

10By the blessing of the righteous the city will be strong, and in the destruction of the evil it will rejoice.

11The city will be exalted by the blessings of the upright and by the mouth of the evil it will be overthrown.

12He that despises his neighbor is deficient in mind and a man of understanding dwells in quietness.

13An adversary reveals a secret, and he who is faithful in his spirit will hide the matter.

14A people that has no leadership will fall and its salvation is in much counsel.

15The evil one does evil when he meets the righteous, because he hates those who await good news.

16A loving woman upholds honor for the husband, but the woman who hates the truth is a throne of disgrace. Lazy men, even in their wealth, are needy, and strong men uphold knowledge.

17A pure man lays down a good reward for his soul and an unmerciful man destroys his body.

18The wicked does works of depravity, and truth is the reward of him who sows righteousness.

19A son of righteousness has life and he who does evil has death.

20LORD JEHOVAH despises the perverse heart and he delights in those who are without blemish in the way.

21He that stretches his hand against his neighbor will not be innocent of evil, and the seed of the righteous will be delivered.

22Like a nose ring of gold in the snout of the pig, so is a beautiful woman who has turned from discretion.

23The desire of the righteous is in excellent things, and the hope of the evil, in sensual passion.

24There is one that distributes seed and brings in much, and there is one who does not gather his own and has little.

25The blessed soul will grow fat and an accursed one will again be cursed.

26He that withholds produce in affliction they will send away to his enemies, and blessing will be upon the head of him that sells.

27He that seeks good seeks delight, and he that seeks evil, it will come upon him.

28He that trusts upon his wealth will fall, and the righteous ones will bud like leaves.

29He that builds his house with depravity will leave groanings to his children. He that does not remain quietly in his house will distribute the winds to his children and the fool will be Servant to the wise.

30The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life and the souls of the evil will be removed.

31If the righteous lives with hardship, where will the wicked and the sinner be found?

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