Proverbs 16
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1From a son of man is the thought of the heart and the speech of the tongue is from LORD JEHOVAH.

2All the ways of a man are pure in the eyes of his soul and LORD JEHOVAH orders his path.

3Show your works to LORD JEHOVAH and he will establish your thoughts.

4All the works of LORD JEHOVAH are for those that submit to him, and the evil are kept for the day of evil.

5Everyone that is exalted in his heart is defiled before LORD JEHOVAH, and he that stretches his hand against his neighbor will not be spared from evil.

6The evil one is forgiven by grace and by truth and the awe of LORD JEHOVAH turns aside from evil.

7The ways of a man are by the pleasure of LORD JEHOVAH; he also will repay his enemies.

8Better is a little in righteousness than a multitude of gain which is not by justice.

9The heart of a son of man plans his ways and LORD JEHOVAH orders his steps.

10An oracle is upon the lips of the King, and his mouth will not err in judgment.

11The weight of a balance is the judgment of LORD JEHOVAH and all his works are weights of truth.

12Kings that do evil are defiled because the throne is established in righteousness.

13The lips of the righteous are the pleasure of the King and he loves the word of the upright.

14The anger of the King becomes messengers of death and the wise man will assuage it.

15In the light of the King's face is life and his pleasure is like an early cloud.

16Possessing wisdom is better than gold, and possessing understanding, better than silver.

17The path of the upright turns from evil and he that pays attention to his soul keeps his way.

18Disgrace is before ruin and pride of spirit before misfortune.

19The humble spirit and humble eyes are better than he that divides loot with the mighty.

20He that understands the word finds good, and he that trusts upon LORD JEHOVAH is blessed.

21The wise of heart knows understanding, and he whose lips are sweet will increase learning.

22Understanding is a fountain of life to those that know it and the instruction of fools is madness.

23A wise heart knows the speech of its mouth and adds learning to its lips.

24The speech of the wise is a honeycomb of honey, and it is sweet to his soul and healing to his bones.

25There is a way that seems right in the eyes of the children of men, and its paths are the paths of death.

26The soul of a sufferer makes him sick and from the mouth of his soul destruction comes to him.

27An evil man forges evil and fire burns from his mouth.

28An evil man provokes judgment and persecutes his friends without cause.

29An evil man entices his neighbor and leads him in a way that is not good.

30He winks with his eyes and devises perversions; he makes plans with his lips and perfects evil.

31Old age is a crown of glory and the way of righteousness is praised.

32He that is patient is better than a mighty man, and he that subdues himself, than he that seizes a city.

33Into the breast of the vicious his portion falls; from before LORD JEHOVAH goes forth his judgment.

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
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