Proverbs 17
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1Dry bread in quietness is better than a house full of the sacrifices of judgment.

2An intelligent Servant will be authorized over a disgraceful son, and he will divide property among brothers.

3A refining pot proves silver, and the furnace gold, and LORD JEHOVAH tests the heart.

4An evil man listens to the lips of the wicked, and the righteous does not hear the tongue of the wicked.

5He that laughs against the poor angers his Creator, and he that rejoices at ruin will not be spared.

6Grandchildren are the crown of old men and the glory of children is their fathers.

7A trustworthy utterance is unbecoming to a fool; so is a false utterance to a righteous one.

8A precious stone is beautiful in the eyes of him who owns it, and wherever it turns it is notable.

9He that conceals an evil seeks friendship and he that hates to conceal separates from a close friend.

10A rebuke breaks the heart of the wise, and instead of reproof, a fool is whipped and is unaware of it.

11A contentious man seeks evil and a merciless messenger is sent upon him.

12Anxiety and fear fall to a wise man, and to a fool in his insanity.

13Evil will not depart from the house of him that pays evil for good.

14He that sheds blood provokes judgment before a Ruler.

15He that justifies the evil and condemns the righteous is defiled in front of LORD JEHOVAH.

16Why does property go to a fool when he has no heart to possess wisdom?

17A friend is loved at all times and a brother is born for trouble.

18A foolish man hands over his bounty which he pledges for his neighbor as security.

19He that loves evil loves fraud and brawling, and he that exalts his gate seeks ruin for his soul.

20He that is perverse in his heart will not find good and he that perverts his tongue falls into evil.

21He that begets a fool, it is to his own shame, neither will his father rejoice in him.

22A merry heart improves the body and a depressed spirit dries the bones.

23He that takes a bribe is evil, for he turns the way of justice aside.

24The face of an intelligent one observes wisdom, and the eyes of a fool are in the depths of the Earth.

25A foolish son angers his father and embitters her that bore him.

26To harm the righteous is not good, neither to beat the righteous who speak correct things.

27He that spares his words knows knowledge, and a patient man is wise.

28A madman who is silent is considered a wise person, and he that keeps his lips silent is considered intelligent.

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