Psalm 108
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1My heart is ready, oh God, my heart is ready; I shall glorify and sing praise in my honor.

2Awake, my harp, awake, psaltery and harp, and I shall awake in the morning.

3I shall thank you among the peoples, oh God, and I shall sing praise to your Name among the peoples.

4Because your kindness is great under the sky and your faithfulness unto The Heaven of Heavens.

5Be lifted up above Heaven, oh God, and let your honor be above all the earth!

6So that your beloved ones may be delivered, save me by your right hand and answer me.

7God has spoken in his Holiness: "I shall glory and I shall divide Shechem and I shall measure the Valley of Succoth."

8Gilead is mine; Menasheh is mine; Ephraim is the defender of my head; Yehuda is my King!

9Moab is my wash pot. I shall cast my sandals over Edom and I shall shout over Palestine.

10Who will escort me into the strong city and who will lead me unto Edom?

11Behold, you are God, you have forgotten us and you do not go forth with our armies.

12Give us help against our enemies, because the salvation of man is worthless.

13God will confer power to us and he will tread upon our enemies!

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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