Psalm 72
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1God, give your judgment to the King and your righteousness to the King's son

2That he shall judge your people in righteousness and your poor ones in judgment.

3The mountains will bring peace to your people, and the hill of your righteousness.

4For he will judge the poor of the people and he will save the afflicted children and abase the oppressors.

5They shall revere you with the sun and before the moon to a generation of generations.

6He will descend like rain upon the grass and like gentle showers that descend upon the Earth.

7The righteous shall spring up in his days and the abundance of peace until the moon passes away.

8He shall rule from sea to sea and from the rivers unto the ends of the Earth.

9The islands shall bow before him and his enemies will lick up the dust.

10Kings of Tarshish and of the islands will bring him offerings; the Kings of Sheba and of Seba shall bring him offerings.

11All the Kings of the Earth will worship him and all the nations shall serve him.

12Because he delivers the afflicted from him who is stronger than he, and the poor who has no helper.

13He shows pity upon the poor and upon the afflicted and he saves the souls of the poor.

14He redeems their souls from fraud and from evil; their blood is precious in his eyes.

15He shall live and gold of Sheba will be given to him and we shall turn to him always, and they shall bless him all day.

16He shall be like the abundance of grain in the Earth and its fruit will spring up in the top of the mountains like Lebanon and they will sprout from the city like the grass of the Earth.

17And his Name shall be blessed to eternity and his Name is before the sun; all the nations will be blessed in him and they all will glorify him.

18Blessed is LORD JEHOVAH, God of Israel, who alone does great wonders!

19And blessed is his honorable name to eternity! Let his honor fill all the Earth! Amen and amen!

(The Peshitta mss. lack this verse: The prayers of David the son of Jesse are ended. Jesus attributed Psalm 110 to David, so it would appear that the prayers of David continued after Psalm 72.Many later Psalms are attributed to David.)

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