Isaiah 5
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1Now let me sing for my Beloved, "" A song of my Beloved as to His vineyard: My beloved has a vineyard in a fruitful hill,

2And He fences it, and casts out its stones, "" And plants it [with] a choice vine, "" And builds a tower in its midst, "" And has also hewn out a winepress in it, "" And He waits for the yielding of grapes, "" And it yields bad ones!

3And now, O inhabitant of Jerusalem and man of Judah, "" Please judge between Me and My vineyard.

4What [is there] to do still to My vineyard, "" That I have not done in it? For what reason have I waited for the yielding of grapes, "" And it yields [only] bad ones?

5And now, pray, let Me cause you to know, "" That which I am doing to My vineyard, "" To turn its hedge aside, "" And it has been for consumption, "" To break down its wall, "" And it has been for a treading-place.

6And I make it a waste, "" It is not pruned, nor arranged, "" And brier and thorn have gone up, "" And I lay a charge on the thick clouds, "" From raining on it rain.

7Because the vineyard of YHWH of Hosts "" [Is] the house of Israel, "" And the man of Judah His pleasant plant, "" And He waits for judgment, and behold, oppression, "" For righteousness, and behold, a cry.

8Woe [to] those joining house to house, "" They bring field near to field, "" Until there is no place, "" And you have been settled by yourselves "" In the midst of the land!

9Do many houses not become a desolation by the weapons of YHWH of Hosts? Great and good without inhabitant!

10For ten acres of vineyard yield one bath, "" And a homer of seed yields an ephah.

11Woe [to] those rising early in the morning, "" They pursue strong drink! Lingering in twilight, wine inflames them!

12And harp, and stringed instrument, tambourine, and pipe, "" And wine, have been their banquets, "" And they do not behold the work of YHWH, "" Indeed, they have not seen the work of His hands.

13Therefore my people removed without knowledge, "" And its honorable ones are famished, "" And its multitude dried up of thirst.

14Therefore Sheol has enlarged herself, "" And has opened her mouth without limit. And its honor has gone down, and its multitude, "" And its noise, and its exulting one—into her.

15And the low is bowed down, and the high humbled, "" And the eyes of the haughty become low,

16And YHWH of Hosts is high in judgment, "" And the Holy God sanctified in righteousness,

17And lambs have fed according to their leading, "" And sojourners consume wastelands of the fat ones.

18Woe [to] those drawing out iniquity with cords of vanity, "" And as [with] thick ropes of the cart—sin.

19Who are saying, “Let Him hurry, "" Let Him hurry His work, that we may see, "" And let the counsel of the Holy One of Israel "" Draw near and come, and we know.”

20Woe [to] those saying to evil “good,” and to good “evil,” "" Putting darkness for light, and light for darkness, "" Putting bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.

21Woe [to] the wise in their own eyes, "" And—before their own faces—intelligent!

22Woe [to] the mighty to drink wine, "" And men of strength to mingle strong drink.

23Declaring righteous the wicked for a bribe, "" And the righteousness of the righteous "" They turn aside from him.

24Therefore, as a tongue of fire devours stubble, "" And flaming hay falls, "" Their root is as muck, "" And their flower goes up as dust. Because they have rejected the Law of YHWH of Hosts, "" And despised the saying of the Holy One of Israel.

25Therefore the anger of YHWH has burned among His people, "" And He stretches out His hand against it, "" And strikes it, and the mountains tremble, "" And their carcass is as filth in the midst of the out-places. With all this His anger did not turn back, "" And still His hand is stretched out!

26And He lifted up an ensign to the far-off nations, "" And hissed to it from the end of the earth, "" And behold, with haste, it comes swiftly.

27There is none weary, nor stumbling in it, "" It does not slumber, nor sleep, "" Nor has the girdle of its loins been opened, "" Nor the strap of its sandals drawn away.

28Whose arrows [are] sharp, and all its bows bent, "" Hooves of its horses have been reckoned as flint, "" And its wheels as a windstorm!

29Its roaring [is] like a lioness, "" It roars like young lions, "" And it howls, and seizes prey, "" And carries away safely, and there is none delivering.

30And it howls against it in that day as the howling of a sea, "" And it has looked attentively to the land, "" And behold, darkness—distress, "" And light has been darkened by its abundance!

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