Jeremiah 9
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1Who makes my head waters, "" And my eye a fountain of tears? And I weep by day and by night, "" For the wounded of the daughter of my people.

2Who gives me in a wilderness "" A lodging-place for travelers? And I leave my people, and go from them, "" For all of them [are] adulterers, "" An assembly of treacherous ones.

3“And they bend their tongue, "" Their bow [is] a lie, "" And they have not been mighty for steadfastness in the land, "" For they have gone forth from evil to evil, "" And they have not known Me,” "" A declaration of YHWH!

4“You each beware of his friend, "" And do not trust any brother, "" For every brother utterly supplants, "" For every friend slanderously walks,

5And they each mock at his friend, "" And they do not speak truth, "" They taught their tongue to speak falsehood, "" They have labored to commit iniquity.

6Your dwelling [is] in the midst of deceit, "" Through deceit they refused to know Me,” "" A declaration of YHWH.

7Therefore, thus said YHWH of Hosts: “Behold, I am refining them, and have tried them, "" For how do I deal with the daughter of My people?

8Their tongue [is] a slaughtering arrow, "" It has spoken deceit in its mouth, "" It speaks peace with its neighbor, "" And in its heart it lays its ambush,

9Do I not see after them for these things?” A declaration of YHWH, “Does My soul not avenge itself against a nation such as this?”

10I lift up weeping and wailing for the mountains, "" And a lamentation for the habitations of the wilderness, "" For they have been burned up without any passing over, "" Nor have they heard the voice of livestock, "" From the bird of the heavens and to the beast—they have fled, "" They have gone.

11“And I make Jerusalem become heaps, "" A habitation of dragons, "" And I make the cities of Judah a desolation, "" Without inhabitant.”

12Who [is] the wise man? And he understands this, "" And he to whom the mouth of YHWH spoke? And he declares it, "" For why has the land perished? It has been burned up as a wilderness, "" Without any passing through. 13And YHWH says: “Because of their forsaking My law that I set before them, "" And they have not listened to My voice nor walked in it, 14And they walk after the stubbornness of their heart, "" And after the Ba‘alim, "" That their fathers taught them,” 15Therefore, thus said YHWH of Hosts, God of Israel: “Behold, I am causing them—this people—to eat wormwood, "" And I have caused them to drink water of gall, 16And I have scattered them among nations "" Which they did not know, they and their fathers, "" And have sent the sword after them, "" Until I have consumed them.”

17Thus said YHWH of Hosts: “Consider, and call for mourning women, "" And they come, "" And send to the wise women, "" And they come,

18And they hurry, and lift up a wailing for us. And tears run down our eyes, "" And waters flow from our eyelids.

19For a voice of wailing is heard from Zion: How we have been spoiled! We have been greatly ashamed, "" Because we have forsaken the land, "" Because they have cast down our dwelling places.”

20But hear, you women, a word of YHWH, "" And your ear receives a word of His mouth, "" And teach your daughters wailing, "" And each her neighbor lamentation.

21For death has come up into our windows, "" It has come into our palaces, "" To cut off the suckling from outside, "" Young men from the broad places.

22Speak thus, “A declaration of YHWH, "" And the carcass of man has fallen, "" As dung on the face of the field, "" And as a handful after the reaper, "" And there is none gathering.”

23Thus said YHWH: “Do not let the wise boast himself in his wisdom, "" Nor let the mighty boast himself in his might, "" Do not let the rich boast himself in his riches, 24But let the boaster boast himself in this, "" In understanding and knowing Me, "" For I [am] YHWH, doing kindness, "" Judgment, and righteousness, in the earth, "" For I have delighted in these,” "" A declaration of YHWH.

25“Behold, days are coming,” "" A declaration of YHWH, "" “And I have laid a charge on all circumcised in the foreskin, 26On Egypt, and on Judah, and on Edom, "" And on the sons of Ammon, and on Moab, "" And on all cutting the corner [of the beard], "" Who are dwelling in the wilderness, "" For all the nations [are] uncircumcised, "" And all the house of Israel [are] uncircumcised in heart!”

Literal Standard Version
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