Jeremiah 10
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1Hear the word, O house of Israel, "" That YHWH has spoken for you.

2Thus said YHWH: “Do not accustom yourselves to the way of the nations, "" And do not be frightened by the signs of the heavens, "" For the nations are frightened by them.

3For the statutes of the peoples are vanity, "" For one has cut a tree from a forest, "" Work of the hands of a craftsman, with an axe,

4They beautify it with silver and with gold, "" They fix it with nails and with hammers, "" And it does not stumble.

5They [are] stiff as a palm, and they do not speak, "" They are surely carried, for they do not step, "" Do not be afraid of them, for they do no evil, "" Indeed, to do good is also not in them.”

6Because there is none like You, O YHWH, "" You [are] great, and Your Name [is] great in might.

7Who does not fear You, King of the nations? For it is befitting to You, "" For among all the wise of the nations, "" And in all their kingdom, there is none like You.

8And as one they are brutish and foolish, "" An instruction of vanities [is] the tree itself.

9Spread-out silver is brought from Tarshish, "" And gold from Uphaz, "" Work of an artisan, and of the hands of a refiner, "" Their clothing [is] blue and purple, "" Work of the skillful—all of them.

10And YHWH [is] a God of truth, "" He [is] a living God, and a perpetual King, "" The earth shakes from His wrath, "" And nations do not endure His indignation.

11Thus you say to them, “The gods who have not made the heavens and earth, "" They perish from the earth, "" And from under these heavens.”

12The Maker of the earth by His power, "" The Establisher of the world by His wisdom, "" Who, by His understanding, stretched forth the heavens—

13When He gives forth His voice, "" A multitude of waters [is] in the heavens, "" And He causes vapors to come up from the end of the earth, "" He has made lightnings for rain, "" And brings out wind from His treasures.

14Every man is brutish by knowledge, "" Every refiner is put to shame by a carved image, "" For his molten image [is] false. And there is no breath in them.

15They [are] vanity, work of erring ones, "" They perish in the time of their inspection.

16The Portion of Jacob [is] not like these, "" For He [is] the Framer of all things, "" And Israel [is] the rod of His inheritance, "" YHWH of Hosts [is] His Name.

17Gather your merchandise from the land, "" O dweller in the bulwark,

18For thus said YHWH: “Behold, I am slinging out the inhabitants of the land at this time, "" And have been an adversary to them, "" So that they are found out.”

19Woe to me for my breaking, "" My striking has been grievous, "" And I said, “Surely this [is] my sickness, and I bear it.”

20My tent has been spoiled, "" And all my cords have been broken, "" My sons have gone out from me, and they are not, "" There is none stretching out my tent anymore, "" And raising up my curtains.

21For the shepherds have become brutish, "" And they have not sought YHWH, "" Therefore they have not acted wisely, "" And all their flock is scattered.

22A voice of a report, behold, it has come, "" Even a great shaking from the north country, "" To make the cities of Judah a desolation, "" A habitation of dragons.

23I have known, O YHWH, that not of man [is] his way, "" Not of man [is] the going and establishing of his step.

24Discipline me, O YHWH, only in judgment, "" Not in Your anger, lest You make me small.

25Pour out Your fury on the nations that have not known You, "" And on the families that have not called on Your Name, "" For they have eaten up Jacob, "" Indeed, they have eaten him up, indeed, they consume him, "" And they have made his habitation desolate!

Literal Standard Version
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