Job 14
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1“Man, born of woman! Of few days, and full of trouble!

2As a flower he has gone forth, and is cut off, "" And he flees as a shadow and does not stand.

3Also—on this You have opened Your eyes, and bring me into judgment with You.

4Who gives a clean thing out of an unclean? Not one.

5If his days are determined, "" The number of his months [are] with You, "" You have made his limit, "" And he does not pass over;

6Look away from off him that he may cease, "" Until he enjoy as a hired worker his day.

7For there is hope for a tree, if it is cut down, "" That it changes again, "" That its tender branch does not cease.

8If its root becomes old in the earth, "" And its stem dies in the dust,

9From the fragrance of water it flourishes, "" And has made a crop as a plant.

10And a man dies, and becomes weak, "" And man expires, and where [is] he?

11Waters have gone away from a sea, "" And a river becomes waste and dry.

12And man has lain down, and does not rise, "" Until the wearing out of the heavens they do not awaken, "" Nor are roused from their sleep.

13O that You would conceal me in Sheol, "" Hide me until the turning of Your anger, "" Set a limit for me, and remember me.

14If a man dies—does he revive? All [the] days of my warfare I wait, until my change comes.

15You call, and I answer You; To the work of Your hands You have desire.

16But now, You number my steps, "" You do not watch over my sin.

17My transgression [is] sealed up in a bag, and You sew up my iniquity.

18And yet, a falling mountain wastes away, and a rock is removed from its place.

19Waters have worn away stones, "" Their outpourings wash away the dust of earth, "" And You have destroyed the hope of man.

20You prevail [over] him forever, and he goes, "" He is changing his countenance, "" And You send him away.

21His sons are honored, and he does not know; And they are little, and he does not attend to them.

22Only—his flesh is pained for him, "" And his soul mourns for him.”

Literal Standard Version
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