Proverbs 26
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1As snow in summer, and as rain in harvest, "" So honor [is] not fitting for a fool.

2As a bird by wandering, as a swallow by flying, "" So reviling without cause does not come.

3A whip is for a horse, a bridle for a donkey, "" And a rod for the back of fools.

4Do not answer a fool according to his folly, "" Lest you are like to him—even you.

5Answer a fool according to his folly, "" Lest he is wise in his own eyes.

6He is cutting off feet, he is drinking injury, "" Who is sending things by the hand of a fool.

7The two legs of the lame have been weak, "" And an allegory in the mouth of fools.

8As one who is binding a stone in a sling, "" So [is] he who is giving honor to a fool.

9A thorn has gone up into the hand of a drunkard, "" And an allegory in the mouth of fools.

10The Former of all [is] great, "" And He is rewarding a fool, "" And is rewarding transgressors.

11As a dog has returned to its vomit, "" A fool is repeating his folly.

12You have seen a man wise in his own eyes, "" More hope of a fool than of him!

13The slothful has said, "" “A lion [is] in the way, "" A lion [is] in the broad places.”

14The door turns around on its hinge, "" And the slothful on his bed.

15The slothful has hid his hand in a dish, "" He is weary of bringing it back to his mouth.

16Wiser [is] the slothful in his own eyes, "" Than seven [men] returning a reason.

17Laying hold on the ears of a dog, "" [Is] a passer-by making himself wrath for strife [that is] not his own.

18As [one] pretending to be feeble, "" Who is casting sparks, arrows, and death,

19So has a man deceived his neighbor, "" And has said, “Am I not playing?”

20Fire is going out without wood, "" And contention ceases without a tale-bearer,

21Coal to burning coals, and wood to fire, "" And a man of contentions to kindle strife.

22The words of a tale-bearer [are] as self-inflicted wounds, "" And they have gone down [to] the inner parts of the heart.

23Silver of dross spread over potsherd, "" [Are] burning lips and an evil heart.

24A hater pretends by his lips, "" And he places deceit in his heart,

25When his voice is gracious do not trust in him, "" For seven abominations [are] in his heart.

26Hatred is covered by deceit, "" Its wickedness is revealed in an assembly.

27Whoever is digging a pit falls into it, "" And the roller of a stone, it turns to him.

28A lying tongue hates its bruised ones, "" And a flattering mouth works an overthrow!

Literal Standard Version
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