Philippians 2
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One in Christ
(Ephesians 2:11–18)

1If then there be any christian consolation, any charitable relief, any communion of the spirit, if any tenderness of compassion, 2compleat my joy, by pursuing the same view, living in mutual love, by being unanimous, and cultivating that harmony. 3Do nothing out of a spirit of contention, or for vain-glory, but modestly look upon others as if they were better than yourselves. 4let no man consult only his private interest, but let every man consult likewise the interest of others.

The Mind of Christ

5for the same temper of mind ought to be in you as was in Christ Jesus: 6who tho' he was the image of God, did not affect to appear with divine majesty, but divested himself thereof, 7by assuming the form of a servant: being made in the likeness of men, 8and his whole exterior showing nothing more than a meer man, he abased himself, and carried his submission so far as to die, even the death of the cross. 9wherefore God has highly exalted and given him a name, which is above every name; 10that at the name of Jesus both angels and men, the living and the dead, should pay their adorations, 11and that every nation should confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord, to the glory of God the father.

Lights in the World
(Matthew 5:13–16)

12Wherefore, my beloved, as you have always obey'd the gospel, not only when I was with you, but much more now while I am absent, continue the work of your own salvation, whatever persecutions you apprehend: 13for it is God that influences your desires and endeavours, out of his benevolence to you.

14do every thing without murmuring and disputes: 15that you may be without reproach, the inoffensive spotless children of God in the midst of a depraved and perverse generation (among whom you should shine as stars in the world, 16you, who display the doctrine of eternal life) that in the day of Christ I may have the satisfaction of not having pursued my laborious course in vain. 17and if my blood should serve as a libation to ratify your faith, I should rejoice and congratulate with you all thereupon; 18and you too should be glad and congratulate me upon that account.

Timothy and Epaphroditus
(1 Corinthians 16:10–12)

19However, I hope by the favour of the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you very soon, that I may have some encouragement by knowing the state of your affairs: 20for there is no one that is so dear to me as he, and no one will more sincerely interest himself in your concerns. 21the most consult their private advantage, and neglect the dispensation of Jesus Christ. 22you know he has stood the test, and has serv'd with me in the gospel, as a son serves with his father. 23I hope therefore to send him to you as soon as I find what turn my affairs shall take: 24nay, I trust in the Lord, that I myself too shall visit you very soon.

25however I thought it necessary to send you Epaphroditus my brother, my collegue in the ministry, and my fellow-soldier, whom you had sent to supply my wants: 26for he long'd to see you all, and was greatly concern'd, that you should hear he was sick, and indeed he was sick almost unto death: 27but God had pity on him, and not on him only, but on me likewise, lest I should have sorrow upon sorrow. 28I sent him therefore with the greater dispatch, that I might have the less disquietude, by the satisfaction you will find in seeing him again. 29receive him then in the Lord with all alacrity, and let such be the objects of your esteem: 30for he was upon the brink of death for the service of Christ, having expos'd his life to the greatest dangers, to perform those kind offices, which you could not do yourselves.

Daniel Mace New Testament (1729)

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