1 Corinthians 1
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Greetings from Paul and Sosthenes
(Acts 18:1–11; 2 Corinthians 1:1–2)

1Paul by vocacion an Apostle of Iesus Christ thorow the will of God and brother Sostenes.

2Vnto the congregacion of God which is at Corinthum. To them that are sanctified in Christ Iesu sainctes by callynge with all that call on the name of oure lorde Iesus Christ in every place both of theirs and of oures

3Grace be with you and peace fro God oure father and from the lorde Iesus Christ.

(Philippians 1:3–11; Colossians 1:3–14)

4I thanke my God all wayes on youre behalfe for ye grace of God which is geuen you by Iesus Christ 5that in all thinges ve are made riche by him in all lerninge and in all knowledge 6even as the testimony of Iesus Christ was confermed in you) 7so that ye are behynde in no gyft and wayte for the apperynge of oure lorde Iesus Christ 8which shall streght you vnto ye ende that ye maye be blamelesse in ye daye of oure lorde Iesus Christ. 9ffor god is faythfull by whom ye are called vnto ye fellishyppe of his sonne Iesus Christe oure lorde

Unity in the Church
(Psalm 133:1–3; Ephesians 4:1–16)

10I beseche you brethre in ye name of oure lorde Iesus Christ that ye all speake one thynge and that there be no dissencion amoge you: but be ye knyt together in one mynde and in one meaynge. 11It is shewed vnto me (my brethren) of you by them that are of the housse of Cloe that ther is stryfe amonge you. And this is it that I meane: 12how that comelie amonge you one sayeth: I holde of Paul: another I holde of Apollo: ye thyrde I holde of Cephas: ye four ye I holde of Christ. 13Ys Christ devided? was Paul crucified for you? ether were ye baptised in ye name of Paul? 14I thanke God that I christened none of you but Crispus and Gayus 15lest eny shulde saye that I had baptised in myne awne name. 16I baptised also the housse of Stephana. Forthermore knowe I not whether I baptised eny man or no. 17For Christ sent me not to baptyse but to preache ye gospell not with wysdome of wordes lest the crosse of Christ shuld have bene made of none effecte.

The Message of the Cross

18For ye preachinge of the crosse is to them yt perisshe folishnes: but vnto vs which are saved it is ye power of God.

19For it is written: I will destroye the wysdome of the wyse and will cast awaye the vnderstondinge of the prudet.

20Where is the wyse? Where is the scrybe? Where is the searcher of this worlde? 21Hath not God made the wysdome of this worlde folisshnes? For when the worlde thorow wysdome knew not God in ye wysdome of God: it pleased God thorow folisshnes of preachinge to save them yt beleve. 22For ye Iewes requyre a signe and the Grekes seke after wysdome. 23But we preache Christ crucified vnto the Iewes an occasion of fallinge and vnto the Grekes folisshnes: 24but vnto the which are called both of Iewes and Grekes we preache Christ ye power of God and the wysdome of God.

25For the folishnes of God is wyser then me: and the weakenes of God is stronger then men.

Wisdom from God

26Brethren loke on youre callinge how that not many wyse men after the flesshe not many myghty not many of hye degre are called: 27but God hath chosen the folysshe thinges of the worlde to confounde the wyse. And God hath chosyn the weake thinges of the worlde to confounde thinges which are mighty. 28And vile thinges of the worlde and thinges which are despysed hath God chosen yee and thinges of no reputacion for to brynge to nought thinges of reputacion 29that no flesshe shulde reioyce in his presence. 30And vnto him partayne ye in Christ Iesu which of God is made vnto vs wysdome and also rightewesnes and saunctifyinge and redempcion. 31That accordinge as it is written: he which reioyseth shulde reioyce in the Lorde.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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