Acts 15
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The Dispute over Circumcision

1Then cam certayne from Iewrie and taught the brethren: excepte ye be circumcysed after the maner of Moses ye cannot be saved. 2And when ther was rysen dissencion and disputinge not a litle vnto Paul and Barnabas agaynst them. They determined that Paul and Barnabas and certayne other of them shuld ascende to Ierusalem vnto the Apostles and elders aboute this question. 3And after they were brought on their waye by the congregacion they passed over Phenices and Samaria declarynge the conuersion of the getyls and they brought great ioye vnto all ye brethren. 4And when they were come to Ierusalem they were receaved of the congregacion and of the Apostles and elders. And they declared what thinges God had done by them.

The Council at Jerusalem
(Amos 9:11–15; Galatians 2:1–10)

5Then arose ther vp certayne that were of the secte of the Pharises and dyd beleve sayinge that it was nedfull to circucise them and to enioyne the to kepe ye lawe of Moses.

6And ye Apostles and elders came to geder to reason of this matter. 7And when ther was moche disputinge Peter rose vp and sayde vnto them: Ye men and brethren ye knowe how that a good whyle agoo God chose amoge vs that the getyls by my mouth shuld heare the worde of the gospell and beleve. 8And God which knoweth the herte bare them witnes and gave vnto them the holy goost eve as he dyd vnto vs 9and he put no difference bitwene them and vs but with fayth purified their hertes. 10Now therfore why tempte ye God that ye wolde put a yoke on the disciples neckes which nether oure fathers nor we were able to beare. 11But we beleve that thorowe the grace of the Lorde Iesu Christ we shalbe saved as they doo.

12Then all the multitude was peased and gave audience to Barnabas and Paul which tolde what signes and wondres God had shewed amonge the gentyls by them.

13And when they helde their peace Iames answered sayinge: Men and brethren herken vnto me. 14Simeon tolde how God at the begynnynge dyd visit the gentyls and receaved of them people vnto his name. 15And to this agreith ye wordes of ye Prophetes as it is written.

16After this I will returne and wyll bylde agayne the tabernacle of David which is fallen doune and that which is fallen in dekey of it will I bilde agayne and I will set it vp

17that the residue of men might seke after the Lorde and also the gentyls vpo whom my name is named saith ye Lorde which doth all these thinges:

18knowne vnto God are all his workes from the begynninge of the worlde. 19Wherfore my sentece is yt we trouble not them which fro amonge the gentyls are turned to God: 20but yt we write vnto them yt they abstayne them selves fro filthynes of ymages fro fornicacio from straglyd and fro bloude. 21For Moses of olde tyme hath in every cite that preache him and he is rede in the synagoges every saboth daye.

The Letter to the Gentile Believers

22Then pleased it the Apostles and elders wt the whole congregacio to sende chosyn men of their owne copany to Antioche with Paul and Barnabas. They sent Iudas called also Barsabas and Silas which were chefe men amonge the brethre 23and gave them lettres in their hondes after this maner. The Apostles elders and brethren send gretynges vnto the brethre which are of the gentyls in Antioche Siria and Celicia. 24For as moche as we have hearde yt certayne which departed fro vs have troubled you with wordes and combred youre myndes sayinge: Ye must be circumcised and kepe the lawe to whom we gave no soche comaundemet. 25It semed therfore to vs a good thinge when we were come to gedder with one accorde to sende chosyn men vnto you with oure beloved Barnabas and Paul 26men that have ieoperded their lyves for the name of oure Lorde Iesus Christ. 27We have sent therfore Iudas and Sylas which shall also tell you the same thinges by mouth. 28For it semed good to the holy gost and to vs to put no grevous thinge to you more then these necessary thinges: 29that is to saye that ye abstayne from thinges offered to ymages from bloud from strangled and fornicacion. From which yf ye kepe youre selves ye shall do well. So fare ye well.

The Believers at Antioch Rejoice

30When they were departed they came to Antioche and gaddred the multitude togeder and delyvered ye pistle. 31When they had redde it they reioysed of that consolacion. 32And Iudas and Sylas beinge prophetes exhorted the brethren with moche preachynge and strengthed them. 33And after they had taryed there a space they were let goo in peace of the brethren vnto the Apostles. 34Not with stondynge it pleasyd Sylas to abyde there still. 35Paul and Barnabas continued in Antioche teachynge and preachynge the worde of the Lorde with other many.

Paul’s Second Missionary Journey Begins
(Acts 13:1–3; Acts 18:23–28)

36But after a certayne space Paul sayde vnto Barnabas: Let vs goo agayne and visite oure brethren in every cite where we have shewed the worde of the Lorde and se how they do. 37And Barnabas gave counsell to take wt them Iohn called also Marke. 38But Paul thought it not mete to take him vnto their company whiche departed from them at Pamphylia and went not with them to the worke. 39And the dissencion was so sharpe bitwene them that they departed a sunder one from the other: so that Barnabas toke Marke and sayled vnto Cypers.

40And Paul chose Sylas a nd departed delyvered of ye brethren vnto the grace of god. 41And he went thorowe all Cyria and Cilicia stablisshynge the congregacions.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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