Acts 13
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Paul’s First Missionary Journey Begins
(Acts 15:36–41; Acts 18:23–28)

1There were at Antioche in the congregacion certayne Prophetes and teachers: as Barnabas and Simon called Niger and Lucius of Cerene and Manahen Herode the Tetrarkes norsfelowe and Saul. 2As they mynistred to the Lorde and fasted the holy goost sayde: separate me Barnabas and Saul for ye worke where vnto I have called them. 3Then fasted they and prayed and put their hondes on them and let them goo.

On Cyprus

4And they after the y were sent of the holy goost came vnto Seleutia and from thence they sayled to Cyprus. 5And when they were come to Salamine they shewed ye worde of God in ye synagoges of ye Iewes. And they had Iohn to their minister. 6When they had gone thorowout ye yle vnto ye cite of Paphos they foude a certayne sorserer a falce prophet which was a Iewe named Bariesu 7which was with ye ruler of the countre won Sergius Paulus a prudet man. The same ruler called vnto him Barnabas and Saul and desyred to heare the wo rde of God. 8But Elemas the sorcerar (for so was his name by interpretacion) wt stode them and sought to turne awaye the ruler fro the fayth. 9Then Saul which also is called Paul beinge full of the holy goost set his eyes on him 10and sayde: O full of all sutteltie and disseytfulnes the chylde of the devyll and ye enemye of all righteousnes thou ceasest not to pervert the strayght wayes of the Lorde. 11And now beholde the honde of the Lorde is vpon the and thou shalt be blinde and not se the sunne for a season. And immediatly ther fell on him a myste and a darcknes and he went aboute sekinge them that shuld leade him by the honde. 12Then the rular when he sawe what had happened beleved and wodred at the doctryne of the Lorde.

In Pisidian Antioch

13When they that were with Paule were departed by shyppe fro Paphus they cam to Perga a cite of Pamphilia: and there Iohn departed from them and returned to Ierusalem. 14But they wandred thorowe the countres fro Perga to Antioche a cite of the coutre of Pisidia and wet in to the synagoge on the saboth daye and sate doune. 15And after the lawe and ye Prophetes were redde ye rulers of the synagoge sent vnto them sayinge: Ye men and brethren yf ye have eny sermo to exhorte ye people saye on. 16Then Paul stode vp and beckened with the honde and sayde: Men of Israel and ye that feare God geve audiece. 17The God of this people chose oure fathers and exalted the people whe they dwelt as straugers in ye londe of Egypt and with a mighty arme brought them oute of it 18and aboute the tyme of .xl. yeares suffred he their maners in the wyldernes. 19And he destroyed. vii nacios in the londe of Canaan and devided their londe to them by lot. 20And after warde he gave vnto them iudges aboute the space of .iiii.C. and .l. yeres vnto the tyme of Samuel ye Prophet. 21And after that they desyred a kinge and God gave vnto them Saul the sonne of Cis a man of the tribe of Beniamin by the space of .xl. yeres. 22And after he had put him doune he set vp David to be their kynge of whome he reported sayinge: I have founde David the sonne of Iesse a man after myne awne hert he shall fulfill all my will. 23Of this manes seed hath God (accordinge to his promes) brought forth to the people of Israel a saviour one Iesus 24when Iohn had fyrst preached before his cominge the baptyme of repentauce to Israel. 25And when Iohn had fulfylled his course he sayde: whome ye thinke that I am the same am I not. But beholde ther cometh one after me whose shewes of his fete I am not worthy to lowse.

26Ye men and brethren chyldren of the generacion of Abraham and whosoever amoge you feareth God to you is this worde of salvacio sent. 27The inhabiters of Ierusalem and their rulers because they knewe him not nor yet the voyces of the Prophetes which are redde every Saboth daye they have fulfilled them in condepninge him. 28And when they founde no cause of deeth in him yet desyred they Pylate to kyll him. 29And when they had fulfilled all that were written of him they toke him doune from the tree and put him in a sepulcre. 30But God raysed him agayne from deeth 31and he was sene many dayes of them which came wt him fro Galile to Ierusalem. Which are his witnesses vnto the people. 32And we declare vnto you how that ye promes made vnto the fathers 33God hath fulfilled vnto vs their chyldre in that he reysed vp Iesus agayne eve as it is written in the fyrste psalme: Thou arte my sonne this same daye begat I the. 34As concernynge that he reysed him vp from deeth now no more to returne to corrupcion he sayde on this wyse: The holy promyses made to David I will geve them faithfully to you. 35Wherfore he saith also in another place: Thou shalt not soffre thyne holye to se corrupcion. 36Howbe it David after he had in his tyme fulfilled the will of God he slepte and was layde with his fathers and sawe corrupcion. 37But he whom God reysed agayne sawe no corrupcion. 38Be it knowne vnto you therfore ye men and brethre that thorow this man is preached vnto you the forgevenes of synnes 39and yt by him are all yt beleve iustified fro all thinges fro the which ye coulde not be iustified by ye lawe of Moses. 40Beware therfore lest that fall on you which is spoken of in the Prophetes:

41Beholde ye despisers and wonder and perishe ye: for I do aworke in youre dayes which ye shall not beleve yf a ma wolde declare it you.

A Light for the Gentiles
(Isaiah 49:1–6)

42When they were come out of the Synagoge of the Iewes the getyls besought yt they wolde preache the worde to them bitwene the Saboth dayes. 43When the congregacion was broken vp many of the Iewes and verteous covertes folowed Paul and Barnabas which spake to them and exhorted them to cotinue in the grace of God.

44And ye nexte Saboth daye came almoste the whole cite to gether to heare the worde of God. 45When ye Iewes sawe the people they were full of indignacion and spake agaynst those thinges which were spoken of Paul spekinge agaynst it and raylinge on it. 46Then Paul and Barnabas wexed bolde and sayde: it was mete that the worde of God shulde fyrst have bene preached to you. B ut seinge ye put it from you and thinke youre selfes onworthy of everlastinge lyfe: lo we turne to the gentyls.

47For so hath the Lorde comaunded vs: I have made ye a light to the getyls yt thou be salvacio vnto ye ende of ye worlde.

48The getyls hearde and were glad and glorified the worde of ye Lorde and beleved: eve as many as were ordeyned vnto eternall lyfe. 49And ye worde of the Lorde was publisshed thorowe oute all the region. 50But the Iewes moved ye worshypfull and honorable wemen and the chefe men of the cyte and reysed persecucio agaynst Paul and Barnabas and expelled them oute of their costes. 51And they shouke of ye duste of their fete agaynst them and came vnto Iconiu. 52And the disciples were filled with ioye and with the holy goost.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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