Romans 4
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Abraham Justified by Faith
(Genesis 15:1–7; Psalm 32:1–11; Hebrews 11:8–19)

1What shall we saye then that Abraham oure father as pertayninge to ye flesshe dyd finde? 2If Abraham were iustified by dedes the hath he wherin to reioyce: but not with god. 3For what sayth the scripture? Abraham beleved god and it was counted vnto him for rightewesnes. 4To him that worketh is the rewarde not reckened of favour: but of duty. 5To him that worketh not but beleveth on him that iustifieth the vngodly is his fayth counted for rightewesnes. 6Even as David describeth the blessedfulnes of the man vnto whom god ascribeth rihgtewesnes without dedes.

7Blessed are they whose vnrightewesnes are forgeven and whose synnes are covered.

8Blessed is that ma to whom the Lorde imputeth not synne.

9Came this blessednes then vpon the circumcised or vpon the vncircucised? We saye verely how that fayth was rekened to Abraham for rightewesnes. 10How was it rekened? in the tyme of circumcision? or in the tyme before he was circumcised? Not in tyme of circucision: but when he was yet vncircumcised. 11And he receaved the signe of circumcision as a seale of yt rightewesnes which is by fayth which fayth he had yet beynge vncircucised: that he shuld be the father of all them that beleve though they be not circumcised that rightewesnes myght be imputed to them also: 12and that he myght be the father of the circumcised not because they are circumcised only: but because they walke also in the steppes of that fayth yt was in oure father Abraham before the tyme of circumcision.

Abraham Receives the Promise
(Genesis 15:8–21)

13For the promes that he shuld be the heyre of the worlde was not geven to Abraha or to his seed thorow the lawe: but thorow ye rightewesnes which cometh of fayth. 14For yf they which are of the lawe be heyres then is fayth but vayne and the promes of none effecte. 15Because the lawe causeth wrathe. For where no lawe is there is no trasgression.

16Therfore by fayth is the inheritauce geven that it myght come of faveour: and the promes myght be sure to all the seed. Not to them only which are of the lawe: but also to them which are of the fayth of Abraham which is the father of vs all. 17As it is wrytten: I have made the a father to many nacions even before god whom thou hast beleved which quyckeneth the deed and called those thinges which be not as though they were. 18Which Abraham contrary to hope beleved in hope that he shuld be the father of many nacions accordynge to that which was spoken: 19So shall thy seed be. And he faynted not in the fayth nor yet consydered hys awne body which was now deed even when he was almost an hondred yeare olde: nether yet that Sara was past chyldeberinge. 20He stackered not at the promes of God thorow vnbelefe: but was made stronge in the fayth and gave honour to God 21full certifyed that what he had promised that he was able to make good. 22And therfore was it reckened to him for rightewesnes. 23It is not written for him only that it was reckened to him for rightewesnes: 24but also for vs to whom it shalbe counted for rightewesnes so we beleve on him that raysed vp Iesus oure Lorde from deeth. 25Which was delivered for oure synnes and rose agayne forto iustifie vs.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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