Acts 24
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1After five days Khanan-Yah The High Priest came down with the Elders and Tertullos the orator and they informed the Governor concerning Paulus. 2And when he was called, Tertullos began to accuse him and said, “With the abundance of tranquility we dwell because of you, and this people have much excellent stability in receiving your care.” 3“And we all in every place receive your grace, excellent Felix.” 4“But that we may not weary you with many things, I beg of you to hear our lowliness briefly.” 5“We have found this man, who is a corruptor and agitator of tumult to all the Jews who are in every land, for he is the leader of the doctrine of The Nazarene.” 6“And he wanted to defile our Temple, and when we seized him, we sought to judge him according to what is in our law.” 7“But Lucius the Chiliarch came and with great violence snatched him from our hands and sent him to you.” 8“And he commanded his accusers to come to you, and when you question him you can learn from him concerning all these things of which we accuse him.” 9But those Jews were crying out concerning him, as they were saying, “These things are so!”

10And the Governor beckoned to Paulus to speak, and Paulus answered and said: “I know that you are the Judge of this nation for many years; because of this, I gladly render a defense for myself.” 11“As you may know, it is not more than twelve days since I came up to Jerusalem to worship, 12Neither did they find me speaking with any man in The Temple nor a crowd that I had gathered, either in their synagogues, nor in the city;” 13“Neither can they demonstrate concerning anything of which they accuse me now.” 14“And yet I confess this, that in the same doctrine of which they speak, I serve The God of my fathers, as I believe all things which are written in The Written Law and in The Prophets.” 15“And while I have hope in God, which they also do, they preach these things: There is going to be a resurrection from the dead, of the righteous and of the evil.” 16“Because of this, I also labor that my conscience may always be pure before God and before all people.” 17“But for many years I have come before my people to give charity and to offer gifts.” 18“And these men found me in The Temple when I had been purified, not with the crowds, neither with a tumult.” 19“But the Jews who came up from Asia, who stirred up the people, ought to be standing with me before you to bring whatever charge they have,” 20“Or let them say what offense they have found in me when I stood before their Council,” 21“Except for this statement, which I cried when I stood in their midst: 'For the resurrection of the dead I am judged today before you.'”

22But because Felix knew this way fully, he deferred them when he said, “When the Chiliarch comes, I shall hear between you.” 23And the Centurion ordered to guard Paulus at ease and that no one of his acquaintances would be forbidden to minister to him.

24And after a few days, Felix, and Dursilla his Jewish wife, sent and called Paulus and heard from him concerning the faith of The Messiah, 25And as he was speaking with them of righteousness, of holiness and of the judgment that was to come, Felix was afraid and he said, “Go now, and when I have a space I will send for you.” 26For he had hoped that a bribe would have been given to him by Paulus, because of this, also, he was continually sending to bring him and speaking with him. 27And when two years were completed, the next Governor had come in his place, who is called Porqius-Festus, but Felix, in order to do a favor for the Jews, left Paulus as a prisoner.

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