Psalm 44
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Redeem Us, O God
(Romans 8:35–39)

1To the chiefe musition, a wise instruction of the sonnes of Corach. We haue hearde with our eares O Lorde: our fathers haue tolde vs what workes thou hast done in their daies in the olde tyme.

2Howe thou hast driuen out the heathen with thy hande and planted them in: howe thou hast destroyed the nations & placed them.

3For they gat not the lande in possession through their owne sworde: neither was it their owne arme that saued them. (44:4) But thy ryght hande, and thine arme, & the lyght of thy countenaunce: because thou hadst a fauour vnto them.

4(44:5) Thou art my kyng O Lorde: commaunde that Iacob be saued.

5(44:6) Through thee we wyll ouerthrowe our enemies: and in thy name we wyll treade them vnder that ryse vp agaynst vs.

6(44:7) For I wyll not trust in my bowe: and it is not my sworde that can saue me.

7(44:8) But it is thou that sauest vs from our enemies: and thou puttest them to confusion that hate vs.

8(44:9) We make our boast of God all the day long: and we wyll confesse thy name for euer. Selah.

9(44:10) But nowe thou art farre of, and thou puttest vs to confusion: neither goest thou foorth with our armies.

10(44:11) Thou makest vs to turne away backwarde from the enemie: so that they which hate vs, do make vs a spoyle vnto them.

11(44:12) Thou hast delyuered vs as sheepe to be eaten: and thou hast scattered vs among the heathen.

12(44:13) Thou hast solde thy people for naught: and thou hast taken no money for them.

13(44:14) Thou hast made vs a rebuke to our neighbours: to be laughed to scorne and had in derision of them that are rounde about vs.

14(44:15) Thou hast made vs to be a fable among the heathen: and to be such that the people shake their head at vs.

15(44:16) My confusion is dayly before me, and the shame of my face couereth me:

16for to heare the voyce of the slaunderer & blasphemer, and for to see the enemie and the auenger.

17And though all this be come vpon vs: yet we do not forget thee, nor shewe our selues to be false in thy couenaunt.

18Our heart is not turned backe, neither our steppes be declined out of thy pathes:

19(44:18) no not when thou hast smitten vs in the place of dragons, and couered vs with the shadowe of death.

20(44:19) If we had forgotten the name of our Lorde, and holden vp our handes to any straunge god:

21(44:19) woulde not God searche it out? for he knoweth the very secretes of the heart.

22(44:20) For thy sake also are we kylled all the day long: and are counted as sheepe appoynted to be slayne.

23(44:21) Stirre vp O Lorde, why slepest thou? awake & be not absent from vs for euer:

24(44:21) wherfore hydest thou thy face, and forgettest our miserie and tribulation?

25(44:22) For our soule is brought lowe vnto the dust: our belly cleaueth vnto the grounde.

26(44:23) Aryse vp thou our ayde, and redeeme vs: for thy louyng kindnesse sake.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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