Mark 1
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The Mission of John the Baptist
(Isaiah 40:1–5; Matthew 3:1–17; Luke 3:1–22; John 1:19–34)

1This is the begynnynge of the gospell of Iesus Christ the sonne of God,

2as it is wrytte in the prophetes. Beholde, I sende my messauger before thy face, which shal prepare thy waye before the.

3The voyce of a cryer is in the wyldernes: Prepare the waye of the LORDE, make his pathes straight.

4Ihon was in the wyldernes, and baptysed, and preached the baptyme of amendment, for the remyssion of synnes. 5And there wente out vnto him the whole londe of Iewry, and they of Ierusalem, and were all baptysed of him in Iordan, and knowleged their synnes. 6Ihon was clothed with Camels heer, and with a lethron gerdell aboute his loynes, and ate locustes and wylde hony, 7and preached, and sayde: There commeth one after me, which is stronger then I: before whom I am not worthy to stoupe downe, and to lowse vp ye lachet of his shue. 8I baptyse you with water, but he shal baptyse you with the holy goost.

9And it happened at the same tyme, that Iesus came out of Galile from Nazareth, and was baptysed of Ihon in Iordan. 10And as soone as he was come out of the water, he sawe that the heauens opened, and the goost as a doue comynge downe vpon him. 11And there came a voyce from heaue: Thou art my deare sonne, in whom I delyte.

The Temptation and Preaching of Jesus
(Matthew 4:1–17; Luke 4:1–15)

12And immediatly the sprete droue him in to the wyldernes: 13and he was in the wyldernes fourtye dayes, and was tempted of Sathan, and was with the wylde beestes. And the angels mynistred vnto him.

14But after that Ihon was taken, Iesus came in to Galile, and preached the gospell of the kyngdome of God, 15and sayde: the tyme is fulfylled, and the kyngdome of God is at hande: Amende youre selues, and beleue the gospell.

The First Disciples
(Matthew 4:18–22; Luke 5:1–11; John 1:35–42)

16So as he walked by the see of Galile, he sawe Symon and Andrew his brother, castinge their nettes in the see, for they were fysshers.

17And Iesus sayde vnto the: Folowe me, and I wil make you fysshers of me. 18And immediatly they left their nettes, and folowed him. 19And when he was gone a lytle further from thence, he sawe Iames the sonne of Zebede, and Ihon his brother, as they were in the shyppe mendynge their nettes. 20And anone he called them. And they left their father Zebede in the shyppe with the hyred seruauntes, and folowed him.

Jesus Expels an Unclean Spirit
(Luke 4:31–37)

21And they wente in to Capernaum, and immediatly vpon the Sabbathes, he entred in to the synagoge, and taught. 22And they were astonnyed at his doctryne: for he taught them as one hauynge power, and not as the Scrybes. 23And in their synagoge there was a man possessed with a foule sprete, which cried 24and sayde: Oh what haue we to do with the, thou Iesus of Nazareth. Art thou come to destroye us? I knowe that thou art euen yt holy one of God. 25And Iesus reproued him, and sayde: holde thy tonge, and departe out of him. 26And the foule sprete tare him, and cried with a loude voyce, and departed out of him. 27And they were all astonnyed, in so moch that they axed one another amonge the selues, & sayde: What is this? What new lernynge is this? For he comaundeth the foule spretes with power, and they are obedient vnto him. 28And immediatly the fame of him was noysed rounde aboute in the coastes and borders of Galile.

Jesus Heals at Peter’s House
(Matthew 8:14–17; Luke 4:38–41)

29And forth with they wente out of the synagoge, and came in to the house of Symo and Andrew, wt Iames and Ihon. 30And Symons mother in lawe laye, & had the feuers, and anone they tolde him of her. 31And he came to her, and set her vp, and toke her by ye hande, and the feuer left her immediatly. And she mynistred vnto them.

32At euen whan the Sonne was gone downe, they brought vnto him all that were sick and possessed, 33and the whole cite was gathered together at the dore, 34and he healed many that were diseased with dyuerse sicknesses, and cast out many deuels, and suffred not the deuels to speake, because they knew him.

Jesus Prays and Preaches
(Luke 4:42–44)

35And in the mornynge before daye, he arose, and wente out. And Iesus departed in to a deserte place, and prayed there. 36Peter also and they that were with him, folowed after him. 37And whan they had founde him, they sayde vnto him: Euery man seketh the. 38And he sayde vnto them: Let us go in to the next townes, that I maye preach there also, for therto am I come. 39And he preached i their synagoges, in all Galile, and droue out the deuyls.

The Leper’s Prayer
(Leviticus 14:1–32; Matthew 8:1–4; Luke 5:12–16)

40And there came vnto him a leper, which besought him, and kneled before him, & sayde vnto him: Yf thou wilt, thou canst make me cleane. 41And it pitied Iesus, and he stretched forth his honde, and touched him, and sayde: I wyll, be thou cleane. 42And wha he had so spoken, immediatly the leprosy departed fro him, and he was clensed. 43And Iesus forbad him strately, and forth with sent him awaye, 44and sayde vnto him: Take hede, that thou saye nothinge to eny man, but go thy waye, and shew thy self vnto the prest, and offre for thy clensynge what Moses commaunded, for a wytnesse vnto them. 45But he whan he was departed, beganne to speake moch of it, and made the dede knowne: in so moch that Iesus coude no more go into the cite openly, but was without in deserte places, & they came vnto him fro all quarters.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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