Job 34
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Elihu Confirms God’s Justice

1After proclaiming these things, Eliu now had this to say:

2May the wise hear my words, and may the educated listen to me.

3For the ear examines words, and the mouth discerns foods by the taste.

4Let us choose judgment for ourselves, and let us consider among ourselves what is best.

5For Job has said: “I am just, yet God has subverted my judgment.

6For, within my judgment, there is a lie: my vehement barbs are without any sin.”

7What man is there that is like Job, who drinks up derision as if it were water,

8who accompanies those who work iniquity, and who walks with impious men?

9For he has said, “Man will not please God, even if he should travel with him.”

10Therefore, prudent men, hear me: impiety is far from God, and iniquity is far from the Almighty.

11For he will restore to man his works, and according to the ways of each, he will repay them.

12For truly, God will not condemn in vain, nor will the Almighty repudiate judgment.

13What other is established over the earth? Or whom has he placed over the world, which he made?

14But, if he directs his heart towards him, he will draw his spirit and breath to himself.

15All flesh will fail together, and man will return to ashes.

16Therefore, if you have understanding, hear what is said, and heed the sound of my eloquence.

17Is he that does not love judgment able to be corrected? And how can you so greatly condemn him who is just?

18He says to the king, “You are an apostate.” He calls commanders impious.

19He does not accept the reputation of leaders; nor does he recognize the tyrant as he contends against the poor. For all are the work of his hands.

20They will die suddenly, and the people will be troubled in the middle of the night, but they will pass through it, and the violent will be taken away without a hand.

21For his eyes are upon the ways of men, and he examines all of their steps.

22There is no darkness and no shadow of death, where those who work iniquity may be hidden.

23For it is no longer within the power of man to enter into judgment with God.

24He will break into many innumerable pieces, and he will cause others to stand up in their place.

25For he knows their works, and, as a result, he will bring the night, and they will be crushed.

26Just as the impious do, he has struck them in a place where they can be seen.

27They, as if with great diligence, have withdrawn from him, and they refused to understand all his ways,

28so that they caused the outcry of the needy to reach him, and he heard the voice of the poor.

29For, when he grants peace, who is there that can condemn? When he hides his face, who is there that can contemplate him, either among the nations, or among all men?

30He causes a hypocritical man to reign because of the sins of the people.

31Therefore, since I have been speaking about God, I will not prevent you from doing the same.

32If I have erred, you may teach me; if I have spoken unfairly, I will add no more.

33Does God require this of you because it is displeasing to you? For you were the first to speak, and not I. But if you know something better, speak.

34Let men of understanding speak to me, and let a wise man listen to me.

35But Job has been speaking foolishly, and his words contain unsound teaching.

36My father, let Job be tested even to the end; may you not retreat from a man of iniquity.

37For he adds blasphemy on top of his sins; nevertheless, let him be constrained to be among us, and then let him provoke God to judgment with his speeches.

Catholic Public Domain Version

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