Isaiah 19
GOD'S WORD® Translation

1This is the divine revelation about Egypt. The LORD is riding on a fast-moving cloud and is coming to Egypt. Egypt's idols will tremble in his presence. Egypt's courage will fail.

2"I will turn one Egyptian against another. They will fight- brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, city against city, kingdom against kingdom.

3The Egyptians will lose courage. I will unravel their plans. They will turn to idols, ghosts, mediums, and fortunetellers.

4I will hand over the Egyptians to a harsh master. A strong king will rule them," declares the Almighty LORD of Armies.

5The water in the Nile River will be dried up, and the river will be dry and empty.

6The canals will stink. Egypt's streams will be emptied and dried up. The reeds and cattails will wither.

7The rushes by the Nile, by the edge of the Nile, and all the fields planted beside the Nile will dry up, be blown away, and disappear.

8Fishermen will cry. All who cast their lines into the Nile will mourn. Those who spread their nets on the water will sigh.

9Linenworkers and weavers will be ashamed.

10Egypt's weavers will be crushed. Those who work for money will be distressed.

11The leaders of Zoan are nothing but fools. The wisest of Pharaoh's counselors gives stupid advice. How can you tell Pharaoh, "I'm a descendant of wise men, a descendant of ancient kings"?

12Where are your wise men now? Let them tell you. Let them explain what the LORD of Armies is planning against Egypt.

13The leaders of Zoan are acting foolishly. The leaders of Memphis are led astray. The leaders who are the cornerstones of its tribes mislead the Egyptians.

14The LORD mixes up their minds. So they lead the Egyptians astray like a drunk who staggers in his vomit.

15No one-leaders or followers, important or unimportant- can do anything for Egypt.

16At that time Egyptians will act like women. They will tremble and be terrified because the LORD of Armies will shake his fist at them. 17The land of Judah will terrify the Egyptians. Whenever they are reminded of Judah, they will be terrified of it because of what the LORD of Armies is planning against it.

18When that day comes, five cities in Egypt will have people that speak the language of Canaan and swear allegiance to the LORD of Armies. One of the cities will be called Heliopolis.

19When that day comes, an altar for the LORD will be in the middle of Egypt, and a stone marker for the LORD will be near its border. 20These objects will be a sign and a witness that the LORD of Armies is in Egypt. When the people cry to the LORD because of those who oppress them, he will send a savior and defender to rescue them. 21So the LORD will make himself known to the Egyptians. The Egyptians will know the LORD when that day comes. They will worship with sacrifices and food offerings. They will make vows to the LORD and carry them out. 22The LORD will strike Egypt with a plague. When he strikes them, he will also heal them. Then they will come back to the LORD. And he will respond to their prayers and heal them.

23When that day comes, a highway will run from Egypt to Assyria. The Assyrians will come to Egypt and the Egyptians to Assyria, and the Egyptians will worship with the Assyrians.

24When that day comes, Israel will be one-third [of God's people], along with Egypt and Assyria. They will be a blessing on the earth. 25The LORD of Armies will bless them, saying, "My people Egypt, the work of my hands Assyria, and my possession Israel are blessed."

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