1 Kings 21
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1And it was after these matters, Nabuth, a Yizreilite had a vineyard in Yizreil, at the side of the temple of Akhab, King of Samaria. 2And Akhab said to Nabuth: “Give me your vineyard, and I will have it for a garden of vegetables, because it is near by the side of my house, and I shall give you a vineyard for it that is better than it, or if it is good in your eyes, I shall give you its money price.” 3And Nabuth said to Akhab: “God forbid me from LORD JEHOVAH that I shall give to you the inheritance of my fathers!” 4And Akhab went on to his house, as it was grievous to him, and he was angry concerning the answer that Nabuth the Yizreilite spoke to him: “I am not giving you the inheritance of my fathers!” And he lay on his bed, and he turned his face and he did not eat bread.

5And Jezebel his wife came to him and she said to him: “What is grieving your spirit, and you choose not to eat bread?” 6He said to her: “Because I said to Nabuth, the Yizreilite, ‘Give me your vineyard for silver, and if you choose, I shall give you a vineyard for it that is better than it.’ And he said to me:’I am not giving you my vineyard!’” 7Jezebel his wife said to him: “Are you going to prosper that you will be King over Israel? Arise, eat bread, and it shall be well with you. I shall give you the vineyard of Nabuth the Yizreilite.”

8And she wrote a letter in the name of Akhab and she sealed it with his ring, and she sent the letter to the Elders and to the Nobles who dwelt in the city with Nabuth. 9And she wrote in the letter:”Decree a fast and set Nabuth above the people. 10And bring two men, sons of evil, and set them opposite him and they shall testify against him and they shall say:’Nabuth cursed God and the King!’ And bring him out and stone him and he shall die.”

11And the men of his city, the Elders and the Nobles who dwelt in the city, did with Nabuth as Jezebel sent to them, according to what was written in the letter which she had sent them. 12They decreed a fast and they set Nabuth above the people. 13And they brought two men, sons of evil, and they sat opposite him, and those men testified against Nabuth and they said .”Nabuth cursed God and the King!” Moreover, they brought him outside of the city, and they stoned him with stones, and he died. 14And they sent to Jezebel:”Nabuth has been stoned, and he is dead.”

15And when Jezebel heard that Nabuth was dead, Jezebel said to Akhab: “Arise, possess the vineyard of Nabuth the Yizreilite who chose not to sell it to you for money, because Nabuth is dead and not alive!” 16And when Akhab heard that Nabuth was dead, Akhab arose to go down to the vineyard of Nabuth the Yizreilite to possess it.

17And the word of LORD JEHOVAH was on Elyah who was from Thesbe, saying: 18“Arise. Go down for a meeting of Akhab King of Israel who is in Samaria, behold, in the vineyard of Nabuth the Yizreilite, for he has gone down there to possess it. 19And say to him: thus says LORD JEHOVAH, behold, you have killed and behold you have taken possession! Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: in the place where dogs licked the blood of Nabuth, dogs shall also lick your blood yours!”

20Akhab said to Elyah, “You have found me, my enemy!” He said to him: “I have found you, because you have exalted yourself to do evil before LORD JEHOVAH! 21Behold, I bring evil upon you, and I shall take away after you, and because of Akhab I shall destroy him who pisses on a wall, and him who binds and looses in Israel. 22And I shall make your household like the household of Yorbaam, son of Nebat, and like the household of Baasha, son of Akhiah, because of the anger that you provoked and you caused Israel to sin.” 23Also of Jezebel LORD JEHOVAH said: “Dogs shall eat Jezebel in the inheritance of Yizreil. 24He who will die of Akhab in the city dogs shall eat, and he who is his, who will die in the wilderness, the bird of the sky shall eat.”

25And none was like Akhab who devised to do evil before LORD JEHOVAH whom Jezebel his wife enticed. 26And he was greatly defiled, and he went on after idols as the Amorites had done which LORD JEHOVAH destroyed from before the sons of Israel.

27And when Akhab heard this answer, he ripped his clothes and he was covered with sackcloth on his flesh, and he fasted and he slept in sackcloth and walked barefoot. 28And the word of LORD JEHOVAH was on Elyah who was from Thesbe saying: 29“I have seen that Akhab is ashamed from before me. Because he is ashamed from before me, I shall not bring the evil in his days; in the days of his son I shall bring the evil on his house.”

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