1 Samuel 15
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1And Shemueil said to Shaul: “LORD JEHOVAH sent me to anoint you, that you may reign over Israel his people. Now hear the voice of the word of LORD JEHOVAH 2Thus says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts: ‘I remember the thing that Amaleq did to Israel in the way when they were going up from Egypt 3Now go, cut off Amaleq and destroy all that belongs to them, and you shall not have pity upon them, and kill, from the men and unto the women, and from young men and unto infants, and from bulls and unto sheep, and from camels and unto the donkeys!’”

4And Shaul issued a decree for all the people to battle and numbered them: “Among young men two hundred thousand footmen, and ten thousand with the men of Yehuda 5And Shaul came unto the city of Amaleq and he pronounced judgment in the valley 6And Shaul said to the Qainites: “Turn aside and go, and go down from within the Amalekites that I shall not destroy you with them. And you have performed grace with all of the house of Israel when they were going up from Egypt.” And the Qainites turned aside from among the Amalekites 7And Shaul struck Amaleeq from Khaweela that is in the entrance of Shood, which is before Egypt 8And he seized Agag, King of Amaleq, when he was alive, and he destroyed all the people with the mouth of the sword 9And Shaul and the people had pity on Agag the King and upon the best of the sheep and of the bulls and that which is fat and of fatlings and upon all the good, and they did not choose to destroy them, and everything that was despised and rejected in their eyes, they destroyed it

10And the word of LORD JEHOVAH was upon Shemueil, saying:” 11“I am sorry that I have crowned Shaul King, for he has turned from after me, and my words he has not established.” And it displeased Shemueil, and he prayed before LORD JEHOVAH all night 12And Shemueil arose early at dawn for the meeting of Shaul, and it was told Shemueil: "Shaul comes to Karmela and behold, he built for himself a place, and he turned and he passed by and came down to Galgala.” 13And Shemueil came to Shaul, and Shaul said to him: “Blessed is LORD JEHOVAH who has established his word!” 14And Shemueil said to Shaul: “What is this sound of sheep in my ear and the sound of oxen I hear?” 15And Shaul said, “They brought them from Amaleq, for the people showed pity on the best of the sheep and of the bulls and they brought them to sacrifice to LORD JEHOVAH your God, and the rest they destroyed” 16And Shemueil said to Shaul: “Be quiet! I shall show you the thing that LORD JEHOVAH said to me in the night.” And Shaul said to him, “Speak.”

17And Shemueil said to Shaul: “Behold, surely you are a little one in your eyes. You are the Head of the tribes of Israel, and LORD JEHOVAH anointed you that you would reign over Israel 18And LORD JEHOVAH sent you on the way and he said: “‘Go, cut off the sinner Amaleq and fight with them until you finish them’ 19How is it you have not listened to the voice of LORD JEHOVAH, but you have returned for the spoil, and you have done evil before LORD JEHOVAH?”

20And Shaul said to Shemueil: “I have listened to the voice of LORD JEHOVAH, and I went in the way that he sent me, and I brought Agag, King of Amaleq, and the Amalekites I have destroyed 21And the people took from the spoil, the best sheep and bulls, devoted that they would sacrifice them to LORD JEHOVAH your God in Galgala!”

22And Shemueil said: “LORD JEHOVAH is not pleased with burnt offerings and with sacrifices as with him who listens to his voice. Behold, listening is better than sacrifice, and to obey than the fat of rams

23Because rebellion is the sin of divination, and divination is severe evil; because you despised the Word of LORD JEHOVAH, he shall reject you from the Kingdom!”

24And Shaul said to Shemueil: “I have sinned, for I have passed over the word of the mouth of LORD JEHOVAH and over your words, because I was afraid of the people and I listened to their voice! 25Now forgive my sin and return with me! I shall worship LORD JEHOVAH!” 26And Shemueil said: “Shaul, I shall not return with you! Because you despised the Word of LORD JEHOVAH, LORD JEHOVAH has despised you, for you will not be King over Israel!” 27And Shemueil turned to go and Shaul grasped on the skirt of his mantle and he ripped it 28And Shemueil said to him: “LORD JEHOVAH has ripped the Kingdom of Israel from you today, and he has given it to your neighbor who is better than you 29Also The Glorious One of Israel does not lie, neither is advised, because he is not a son of man who will be advised!” 30And Shaul said: “I have sinned! Now honor me before the Elders of my people and before Israel and return with me. I shall worship LORD JEHOVAH your God!” 31And Shemueil returned after Shaul, and Shaul worshiped LORD JEHOVAH

32And Shemueil said: “Bring to me Agag King of Amaleq.” And Agag said: “Truly death is made bitter!” 33And Shemueil said: “Just as your sword bereaved women, so shall your mother be bereaved with the women!” And Shemueil cut King Agag in pieces before LORD JEHOVAH in Galgala

34And Shemueil went on to Ramtha, and Shaul went up to his house to Ramtha of Shaul 35And Shemueil did not see Shaul again until the day that he died, because Shemueil mourned for Shaul. And LORD JEHOVAH was moved with regret because he had made Shaul King over Israel

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