1 Samuel 26
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1And the Ziphites came to Shaul at Gebah and they said to him: “Behold, David is hidden in Gebuth Khaweela that is before Ashimon!” 2And Shaul stood and came down to the wilderness of Ziph, and with him three thousand choice men of Israel to inquire of David in the wilderness of Ziph 3And Shaul camped in Gebuth Khaweela that was before Ashimon on the road, and David dwelt in the wilderness and he saw that Shaul came after him to the wilderness 4And David sent spies and knew that Shaul came after him 5And David stood and came to the region there where Shaul camped, and David saw the place there where Shaul slept, and Abnir son of Nir, General of the army of Shaul, was sleeping in the road and the people camped around him

6And David answered and said to Akhimelek, the Khethite, and to Abishi, son of Tsuria, the brother of Yoab, and said, who will go down with me to Shaul to the encampment, and Abishi said: “I will go down with you” 7And David and Abishi came to the people in the night, and behold, Shaul slept in the road, and his scepter spear was lying on the ground beside him, and Abnir and people were sleeping around him 8And Abishi said to David: “Your God has delivered your enemy today into your hands! Now I will strike him with this spear that is in the ground, one time, and I will not do it again!” 9And David said to Abishi: “You shall not destroy, because there is none who reaches his hand against the Anointed of LORD JEHOVAH and is innocent!” 10And David said: “LORD JEHOVAH is living, but if LORD JEHOVAH will strike him or the day will come and he shall die or he shall be beaten in war and he shall die 11God forbid me from LORD JEHOVAH that I would reach my hands against the Anointed of LORD JEHOVAH! Now take the spear that is beside him and the jug of water and we will go” 12And David took the spear and the jug from the side of Shaul and they went, and no man saw neither knew, neither awoke, because all of them had been sleeping, and a stupor from LORD JEHOVAH had fallen upon them

13And David passed by from the presence of Shaul and stood on the top of the mountain from a great distance 14And David called to the King and to Abnir, son of Nir, and said: “Do you not answer, Abnir?” and Abnir answered and said: “Who are you that you call to the King?” 15And David said to Abnir: “Behold, you are a mighty man, and who is like you in all Israel? How is it you have not guarded your Lord the King, that one came today that he would destroy the King your Lord? 16What you have done is not good! LORD JEHOVAH is living so that you are the sons of death, because you have not guarded your Lord the Anointed of LORD JEHOVAH! Now see where the scepterspear of the King is, and the jug of water that was beside him!

17And Shaul heard the voice of David and said to him: “Is this your voice, my son David?” And he said, “It is my voice, my Lord the King!” 18And David said: “My Lord, why are you chasing after your Servant? What have I done and what is the evil that is in my hands? 19Now let my Lord the King hear the words of his Servant. If LORD JEHOVAH has moved you against me, we shall offer a gift, and if it be the sons of man, they are cursed before LORD JEHOVAH, because they have driven me out that I would not be sheltered in the inheritance of LORD JEHOVAH, saying, ‘Go, serve other gods!’ 20Now, do not let my blood fall on the ground from before LORD JEHOVAH, because the King of Israel goes out to seek one flea as one chases a partridge in the mountains!”

21And Shaul said to David: “I have sinned! Return, my son, David, because I shall do no harm to you again, because you reverenced my life in your eyes today, behold, I have acted perversely and I have sinned very greatly!” 22And David answered and said: “Behold, the scepterspear of the King! Let one of the young men cross over and take it! 23And LORD JEHOVAH shall return to a man his righteousness and his faithfulness, for LORD JEHOVAH delivered you today into my hands, and I do not chose to stretch my hands against the Anointed of LORD JEHOVAH! 24As your life was magnified today in my eyes, so my life shall be magnified in the eyes of LORD JEHOVAH!” 25And Shaul said to David: “Blessed are you my son! Surely you have accomplished, also you have surely won!” And David went on his way, also Shaul returned to his house

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1 Samuel 25
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