Deuteronomy 7
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1"And whenever LORD JEHOVAH your God will bring you into the land that you enter there to possess it, and he will destroy the many nations from before you, the Hittites, and Gergusites, and Amorites, and Canaanites, and Perezites, and Khivites, and Yebusites, seven nations more numerous and mightier than you; 2And LORD JEHOVAH your God shall deliver them before you and you shall strike them, and you shall certainly destroy them; you shall not make a covenant with them and you shall not have mercy upon them: 3And you shall not marry them; you shall not give your daughters to their sons, and you shall not take their daughters for your sons. 4That they will not turn your children away from me and serve other gods and the wrath of LORD JEHOVAH would be hot upon you and he would destroy you quickly. 5But in this way do to them: pull down their altars and break down their monuments, and cut down their carved works and burn their engraved images in fire. 6Because you are holy people to LORD JEHOVAH your God and LORD JEHOVAH your God chose you that you would be the beloved people to him of all of the nations upon the face of the Earth.

7LORD JEHOVAH did not want you and choose you because you are more numerous than all of the nations, because you are the smallest of all of the nations: 8But because LORD JEHOVAH loved you and because He would establish the oath that He swore to your forefathers; LORD JEHOVAH brought you out by His mighty hand and redeemed you from the house of bondage from the hand of Pharaoh the King of Egypt. 9And you shall know that LORD JEHOVAH your God is God, the trustworthy God; He keeps covenant and grace for his friends and for those observing His commandments for a thousand generations; 10And he pays His haters in their lives; he pays them to destroy them; He does not preserve His haters, but he pays them in their lives. 11Keep the commandments and the laws and the judgments that I command you today and do them.

12If you will hear these judgments and you will keep them and you will do them, LORD JEHOVAH your God shall keep you; this is the covenant and the grace that He swore to your forefathers: 13And he shall have mercy on you and he shall bless you and shall multiply you and he shall bless the fruit of your body, and the fruit of your land, and your produce, and your wine, and your oil and herds of your oxen, and flocks of your sheep in the land that He swore to your forefathers to give you. 14You will be most blessed of all nations; there shall not be a sterile male or barren female among you, neither among your animals. 15And LORD JEHOVAH shall make every sickness and all evil plagues of the Egyptians that you know pass from you; he will not bring them upon you, but he will bring them on all of your haters. 16And you will devour all the nations that LORD JEHOVAH your God gives to you and your eye will not have pity upon them, neither shall you serve their gods, because they are a trap to you.

17And if you say in your heart: ‘These nations are more numerous than I; how can I destroy them?’ 18Do not be afraid of them, but remember everything that LORD JEHOVAH your God did to Pharaoh and all Egypt; 19The great trial that your eyes saw: signs and wonders and a mighty hand and a high arm and LORD JEHOVAH your God brought you out; in this way LORD JEHOVAH your God shall do to all the nations in whose presence you are afraid. 20Also LORD JEHOVAH your God will lead hornets among them until they shall be destroyed, and those who are left, and those who hide from before you. 21Do not be afraid of them, because LORD JEHOVAH your God, God within you, is great and awesome. 22And LORD JEHOVAH your God will destroy these nations from before you, little by little; you cannot destroy them quickly, lest wild beasts will increase upon you. 23And LORD JEHOVAH your God shall hand them over to you and great plagues shall strike them until you destroy them. 24And he shall hand over their Kings into your hands and you shall destroy their name from under Heaven, and no man shall stand before you until you destroy them. 25You shall burn the engraved images of their gods in fire and you shall not lust for the silver and the gold that is in them and take for yourselves, that you will not be defiled by it, because that is rejected before LORD JEHOVAH your God. 26You shall not bring defilement to your house that you will not be accursed like it, but certainly reject it and certainly detest it, because it is a curse.”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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