Genesis 33
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1And Yaquuv lifted up his eyes and he saw, and look, Esau came and four hundred men with him, and he divided the children with Leah and with Rakhyl and with the two Handmaids. 2And he made the Maidservants and their children first and Leah and her children after them and Rakhyl and Yoseph last. 3And he passed before them and he bowed on the Earth seven times until he approached his brother.

4And Esau ran to meet him and embraced him and he fell on his neck and he kissed him and wept. 5And Esau lifted his eyes and he saw the women and the boys and said, “From where do you have these?”, and he said, “The children are what God gave your Servant.” 6And those Maidservants came near and their children and they bowed. 7And Leah came near also, and her sons, and they bowed, and after that Rakhyl and Yoseph approached also, and they bowed. 8And Esau said, “From where do you have all this camp that met me?”, and Yaquuv said to him, “Because I have found favor in the eyes of my Lord.” 9And Esau said to him, “I have and I have much my brother; keep yours.” 10Yaquuv said to him, “If I have found favor in your eyes, take my offering from my hands, because now I see your face as the appearance of the face of an Angel, and you are pleased with me. 11Take my blessing that is with you because God was kind to me and because I have everything”, and he urged him and he accepted.

12Esau said to him, “We will pick up and we will go, and I shall go before you.” 13Yaquuv said to him, “My Lord, know that the boys are young and the flocks and oxen are nursing with me and if I drive them one day, the entire flock will die. 14Let my Lord pass before his Servant and I shall walk slowly the leg of the household that is before me and the leg of the children until I come to my Lord in Sair.

15Esau said, “I shall leave for you some of the people who are with me”, and Yaquuv said, “Why has it happened for me to find mercy in the eyes of my Lord?” 16And Esau returned that day on the road to Sair. 17And Yaquuv picked up for Sukuth and built for himself a house, and for his cattle he made shelters; because of this he called the name of that country Sukuth.

18And Yaquuv came to Shaleem, the city of Shekeem, which is in the land of Canaan, when he came from Padan d'Aram, and he camped opposite the city. 19And he bought a part of the field from the children of Khamor, the father of Shekeem, with a hundred ewes, and he pitched the tent there. 20And he raised up there an altar and he called it Eil Alaha d’Eesreel The Defender God of Israel.

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