Genesis 32
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1Also Yaquuv went his way and the Angels of God met with him. 2And Yaquuv said, when he saw them, “This is the camp of God”, and he called the name of that country Makhanim.

3And Yaquuv sent Messengers before him to Esau his brother, to the land of Sair, to the plain of Adum. 4And he commanded them and said to them, “Thus you will say to my Lord Esau: thus said your Servant Yaquuv: ‘I have dwelt and I stayed with Laban until today 5And I have bulls and donkeys and flocks and Servants and Maidservants and I sent to show my Lord to find mercy in your eyes.’”

6And the Messengers returned to Yaquuv and they said to him: “We went on to Esau your brother, and now also he comes to meet you and four hundred men with him.” 7And Yaquuv was afraid and it was very distressing to him, and he divided the people that were with him, and the flocks and oxen and camels into two camps; 8And Yaquuv said, “If Esau my brother will come upon one camp and he will destroy it, the camp that remains escapes.”

9And he prayed and said, “God of my father, Abraham, the God of my father, Isaaq, LORD JEHOVAH, who said to me, ‘Return to the land of your fathers and to your families, and I shall do good to you’: 10I am unworthy of all your kindness and of all the truth that you have performed with your Servant, because with my staff I crossed this Jordan, and now I am with two camps. 11Save me from the hands of Esau my brother, because I am afraid of him, lest he will come and strike mother with her children. 12And you have said, ‘To do good, I shall do good to you, and I shall make your seed as the sand of the sea that is innumerable by its multitude.’”

13And he spent the night there that night and he took a gift from what was in his hand for Esau his brother; 14Two hundred she goats and twenty he goats, two hundred ewes and twenty rams. 15Thirty nursing camels and their young, forty cows and ten bulls, twenty donkeys and ten colts. 16And he gave into the hand of his Servants a fold each by itself, and said to his Servants, “Pass before me and make a space between each fold and the next fold.” 17And he commanded the leader and said to him, “When Esau my brother meets you and he asks you and says to you, ‘Who are you and where are you going, and whose are these that are before you?’ 18Say to him, ‘Your Servant Yaquuv’s gifts that he sends to my Lord Esau, and behold, he is also coming after us.’” 19And he commanded the second, also the third, and also all who were going after a fold saying, “According to this answer you will say to Esau whenever you have found him 20And say to him, ‘Behold also your Servant Yaquuv is behind us, because he said, I shall appease his anger with the offerings that go before me, and after I shall see his face, perhaps he will accept my face.” 21And the offering passed over before him and he lodged in the camp that night.

22And he arose in the night and he took his two wives and his two handmaids and his eleven children and made them pass into the wilderness of Yabaq. 23And he led them and made them cross over the river and made everyone whom he had to cross over.

24And Yaquuv remained alone, and a man fought with him until the rising of dawn. 25And he saw that he did not match his strength, and he touched his hip, and the hip of Yaquuv was dislocated as he fought with him. 26And he said to him, “Let me go, because dawn is rising”, and he said, “I shall not send you unless you have blessed me.” 27And he said to him, “What is your name?”, and he said, “Yaquuv”. 28And he said to him, “Your name will not be called, Yaquuv again, but Israel, because you are proven with Angel and with Man, and you have found power.” 29And Yaquuv asked him and said, “Show me your name”; he said to him, “Why do you ask about my name?”, and he blessed him there. 30And Yaquuv called the name of that country, Penuyel, because, “I saw an Angel face to face and my life is saved.” 31And the sun was setting to him when he passed through Penuyel and he was halting from his hip. 32Because of this, the children of Israel do not eat the meat of the sinew of the hip, that is in the hip of the thigh until today, because he touched the hip of the thigh of Yaquuv, the sinew of the hip.

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