Genesis 34
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1And Dinah came out, daughter of Leah, who was begotten by Yaquuv, to see the daughters of the place. 2And Shekeem saw her, son of Khamor, Khwaya the Khivite, Prince of the land, and he took her and lay with her and disgraced her. 3And his soul went forth after Dinah the daughter of Yaquuv, and he loved the girl and was filled in his heart with the girl. 4And Shekeem said to Khamor his father, “Take for me this girl as a wife.” 5And Yaquuv heard that he had defiled Dinah his daughter, and his sons were with the livestock in the field, and Yaquuv was silent until they came. 6And Khamor the father of Shekeem went out to Yaquuv to speak with him. 7And the sons of Yaquuv came from the field and when they heard, it grieved them to a man, and it was very evil to them because they had done an abomination in Israel and abused the daughter of Yaquuv, and such is not done.

8And Khamor spoke with them and said to them, “Shekeem my son has desired the soul of your daughter; give her to him as a wife. 9And be married with us; give your daughter to us and take our daughters to yourselves. 10And dwell with us and behold, the land is before you; dwell and trade and inherit in it.” 11And Shekeem said to her father and to her brothers, “Let me find mercy in your eyes, and everything that you will say to me I shall give. 12Multiply against me a great dowry and gifts and I shall give just as you say to me, and give this girl to me as a wife.”

13And the sons of Yaquuv answered Shecheem and Khamor his father, and they spoke to him with treachery, because they had defiled Dinah their sister. 14And they said, “We cannot do this thing to give our sister to a man that has foreskin, because that is a reproach to us: 15However in this we will consent to you, if it is that you would be like us and you will circumcise every male just as we are circumcised 16We will give to you our daughters and your daughters we will take to us, and we will dwell with you and we will be one people. 17And if you do not listen to us to circumcise, we will take our daughters and we will go.”

18And their words were pleasing in the eyes of Khamor and in the eyes of Shekeem his son. 19And the boy did not delay to do the deed, because he was delighted with the daughter of Yaquuv and he was more honorable than all the household of his father. 20And Khamor came, and Shekeem his son, to the gate of their city and they spoke with the men of their city and they said to them, 21“These men are in agreement with us; they will dwell in the land and they will trade in it, and now the land expanse round about is before them. We will take their daughters to ourselves as wives and we will give our daughters to them. 22However in this the men are persuaded by us that they will dwell with us and will be one people, whenever we circumcise every male just as those men are circumcised. 23Their wealth and their possessions and all their cattle behold, they are ours, however we will consent to them and they will dwell with us.” 24And everyone exiting the gate of his city heard from Shekeem and they circumcised every male, all that went out the gate of his city.

25And it was in the third day, when their sufferings were severe, the two sons of Yaquuv, Shemon and Levi, the brothers of Dinah, took each man his sword and they entered against the city in silence and murdered every male. 26And they murdered Khamor and Shekeem his son with the mouth of the sword, and they took Dinah from the house of Shekeem and they went out. 27And the sons of Yaquuv entered upon the slain and they plundered the town because they had defiled Dinah their sister. 28And their sheep and their oxen and their donkeys that were in the town and in the field, they took away, 29And they seized all their meat and all their wealth and their wives, when they seized all that was in the town. 30And Yaquuv said to Shemon and to Levi, “You have done me damage for you have done evil to me among the inhabitants of the land, among the Canaanites and among the Perizites, and I am small in number, and they will assemble against me and strike me, and I shall be destroyed and my house.” 31And they said, “Our sister was treated like a whore!”

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