Hebrews 5
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1For every High Priest of the children of men was appointed for the sake of men over the things that are of God, to present offerings and sacrifices for the sake of sin, 2Who can humble himself and suffer with those who are ignorant and erring because he is also clothed with weakness, 3And he owes a debt for his own sake, that as for the people, in this way also for his own sake, he will make an offering for his sins. 4And it was not for himself that a man took the honor, but he who was called by God, just as Aaron.

5So neither did The Messiah glorify his soul to be High Priest, but he who said to him, “You are my Son; today I have begotten you”,

6As he said in another place, “You are a Priest for eternity in the image of Melchizedek.”

7While also he was clothed in the flesh, he offered prayers, supplications, strong shouting and tears to him who was able to give him life from death, and he was obeyed. 8And although he is The Son, he learned obedience by the fear and the suffering which he endured; 9And in this way he was perfected and became the cause of eternal life to all those who obey him. 10And he was named The High Priest by God, in the image of Melchizedek.

11But about this Melchizedek we have much to say, but it is hard to explain it because you have bad hearing. 12For you ought to be teachers, because of the time you have had in the doctrine, but now, again, you need to learn those things which are the primer letters of the first words of God, and you have need of milk and not of solid food. 13But every person whose food is milk is unacquainted with the word of righteousness, because he is an infant. 14But solid food is for the mature, those whose senses are instructed to distinguish good and evil, because they practice.

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