Isaiah 13
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1The burden of Babel that Eshaiya, son of Amuts, saw:

2On a mountain clearing take a standard, lift up to them a voice, beckon by the hand; the Rulers shall enter inside your gates

3I have commanded my Holy Ones and I have called the warriors in my passion, and they grow strong in my excellency

4A sound of tumult in the mountains, a likeness of the many Gentiles, a sound of tumult of the kingdoms of the Gentiles who are gathered. LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts is performing wonders

5Warriors are coming from a distance and from the ends of Heaven, LORD JEHOVAH and the weapons of his wrath to destroy all the Earth

6Wail, because that day of LORD JEHOVAH is near, and like plunder from the stillness it shall come!

7Because of this, all hands shall become weak and every heart of man shall melt

8And they shall be troubled, and dizziness and pains as of childbirth shall seize them, and they shall be astonished, man with his fellow man, and their faces are the faces of flames!

9Behold, the day of LORD JEHOVAH comes that has no healing in it, and angry and hot is his passion, for he shall make the land a wilderness, and its sinners he shall destroy from it

10Because the stars of Heaven and their hosts shall not shine; the sun shall be dark in its outgoing and the light of the moon shall not shine

11I shall order evil against the world and against the wicked; their evil I shall obliterate; the pride of the proud and the majesty of the mighty I shall lay low

12I shall make a man rarer than gold and men more so than the gold of Ophir

13Because of this, I shall anger Heaven and shall shake the Earth from its place in the rebuke of LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts, in the day of the heat of his passion

14They shall be as deer escaping and like a flock that has no gatherer for it; a man will turn to his people and a man shall flee to his land

15Everyone who is found shall be thrust through and everyone who has prospered shall fall by the sword

16Their male infants shall be torn apart in their sight, and their households shall be plundered, and their wives shall be abused

17Behold, I arouse the Medes against you who do not esteem money for themselves, and with gold they are not pleased

18The bows of the young men shall be broken, and upon the fruit of the womb they shall not have compassion, and upon their children their eyes shall not have pity

19And Babel, the power of the Kingdoms and the glory of the majesty of the Chaldeans, shall be as when God overturned Sadom and Amora

20She shall never be inhabited, and she shall not dwell for a generation of generations, and they shall not dwell there. The Arabians and Shepherds shall not shepherd there

21But animals shall lie down there, and their houses shall be filled with echoes, and the daughters of ostriches shall dwell there, and evil spirits shall dance there

22And sirens shall answer in their palaces, and jackals in the temple of their pleasures; her time is near to come, and her days shall not be prolonged any more

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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