Isaiah 30
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1Woe to the rebel children, says LORD JEHOVAH, who have made counsel, and not from me, and they poured out drink offerings that were not from my Spirit, to add sins upon sins!

2For they went to go down to Egypt, and they did not inquire from my mouth, to be strengthened by the strength of Pharaoh, and to be sheltered in the shadow of Egypt

3The strength of Pharaoh shall be shame to you, and the shelter of the shadow of Egypt for a covering

4Because he is in Tsuan, and his Princes and his profane Messengers shall grow weary with labor

5With a people that does not profit them, not for help and not for a profit, but for shame and for reproach

6The burden of the animals of the south in the afflicted, grievous land: “The lion and the cub of a lion, and from them the asp and the flying dragon shall carry on the backs of colts their wealth and their treasures upon the sides of camels to a people that do not benefit them

7And the Egyptians help in futility and in falsehood; because of this I cried to them that this their trust is empty

8Therefore come, write on these tablets and upon the book of their covenant, that it will be to the last day for a testimony, to the eternity of eternities

9Because the people are rebellious children; they are lying children, for they chose not to hear The Law of LORD JEHOVAH

10For they said to the seers: "Do not see!”, and to the Prophets: "Do not prophesy rebuke to us! Speak deception to us, and see falsehood for us!

11And turn aside from the way and turn from the path, and cause The Holy One of Israel to cease from us!"

12Because of this, thus says The Holy One of Israel: ‘Because you rejected this word and you trusted in oppression, and you murmured and you trusted upon it

13Because of this, this sin will be to you like a mountain pass that has fallen, and like a high wall whose breaking apart was sudden

14And its breaking like the breaking of the vessel of a potter that is broken apart without sparing, so that a clay vessel is not found in its pieces, with which to take fire from the burning, neither with which to draw water from a well

15Because thus says The Holy One of Israel: “Whenever you have turned to God and you have groaned, you shall be saved, and in quietness and in hope will be your heroism”, and you have not obeyed

16And you said: “Not so! We shall ride on horses and upon swift ones we shall escape!” Because of this, you shall flee, and your pursuers shall be swift ones

17You shall flee, one thousand from the reproof of one, and from the reproof of five, until you will be left like a wild donkey on the top of a mountain and like a flag on a hill

18Because LORD JEHOVAH shall begin to show compassion upon you, and he shall be exalted to hover over you, because God is the Judge LORD JEHOVAH, and blessed are all who wait for him

19Because the people dwell in Zion and in Jerusalem. You shall certainly not weep! Certainly he shall have compassion for the voice of your cry! When he hears he shall answer you! 20And LORD JEHOVAH will give you bread in affliction and water in affliction, and he shall not gather your deceivers again, and your eyes shall look on your deceivers 21And your ears shall hear The Word from behind you saying: "This is the way! Go in it, and do not turn away to the right or to the left! 22And defile the silver that covers your idols and the ephod of the smelting of their gold, and you shall shed them as the water of a menstruous woman, and you shall take them out like trash

23And rain shall be given for your seed in the earth, and the grain of the seed of The Earth shall be fat, and the grazing of your cattle is lush in that day in a heavenly place 24And oxen and young bulls that cultivate in the ground on the hot nights shall eat what is raised up with a winnowing fan and with a winnowing shovel 25And there will be on every mountain that is exalted and upon every hill that is high, streams of waters that shall run in the day of great murder and in the destruction of the towers 26And the light of the moon will be as the light of the sun, and its light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days, in the day that LORD JEHOVAH will bind up the brokenness of his people, and the affliction of its wound he shall heal

27Behold the Name of LORD JEHOVAH comes from a distance. His anger burns and his honor is splendid, and his lips are filled with passion and his tongue is like the burning fire

28And his Spirit that overflows like a torrent unto the neck will cut off the troubling of the nations, because of their error of emptiness, and to the misleading bridle that is on the jaws of the Gentiles

29He shall be a song to you, a crown which is hallowed in feasting and his joy of the heart, like he who walks in joy, coming to the mountain of LORD JEHOVAH, to The Mighty One of Israel

30And LORD JEHOVAH shall hear the glory of his voice, and he shall show the blow of his arm in the passion of anger and with flame of fire that consumes in a downpour that beats down, and hailstones

31Because the Assyrian will be broken from before the majesty of LORD JEHOVAH, and he shall be beaten with a rod

32And a staff of dominion will be on all his Servants when LORD JEHOVAH gives rest to him, with tambourines and with harps and with strong war he shall fight with him

33Because he prepared his provision before the days, also this one is prepared to reign, and he went deep and expanded the house of his dwelling. The wood and fire are abundant, and the breath of LORD JEHOVAH is like a torrent and brimstone that is burning in it

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