Isaiah 29
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1Woe, Ariel, Ariel, the city where David dwelt! Add year to year, feasts shall be made!

2And I shall distress Ariel, and there shall be moaning and wailing, and you shall be as Ariel

3And I shall camp as a company of soldiers against you, and I shall afflict you with an engine of war, and I shall set up a garrison against you

4And you shall be brought down and you shall speak from the dust, and from the dust your words shall squeak, and your voice will be heard from the ground; as necromancers and from the dust your words shall squeak

5And the multitude of those who trample you will be as the fine sand and like the chaff that passes by the multitude of your mighty ones, and it will be suddenly and quickly

6From before LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts you shall be visited in an earthquake, and in thunder and in a great noise and in tearing out of hair and in a hurricane and in flame of burning fire

7And the multitude of all the nations who are strengthened against Sion, and all the armies and the crowds that distress her will be as a dream in a vision of the night

8And it will be as a hungry one who sees in his dream that he eats, and when he awakened is famished and empty, and like one who is thirsty and he sees in a dream that he is drinking, and when he wakes up he is trembling and empty, so the multitude of all of them the nations who are strengthened against the Mountain of Zion shall be

9They marveled and were astonished and they were disturbed and they were dazed because they are drunk, not from wine, and because they stagger, not from liquor

10Because LORD JEHOVAH poured out upon them the spirit of slumber and it prevailed over their eyes and over the Prophets and over the heads of those seeing secrets

11And the vision of all of them will be with them as the words of a book that is sealed, which, one who gives it will say to him who knows the writing: “Read this”, and he shall say: "I cannot, because it is sealed" 12And he shall give the scroll to him who does not know the writing, and they shall say to him: "Read this”, and he shall say, "I do not know the writing"

13And LORD JEHOVAH said: “Because this people approaches me with its mouth and by its lips it honors me and its heart is far from me, and their worship of me was by the commandment and in the teaching of man

14Because of this, behold I will continue to separate this people with a wonder and with a marvel, and the wisdom of his wise ones shall be destroyed, and the understanding of his understanding ones shall be lost

15Woe to those who are perverted from LORD JEHOVAH to hide counsel, and their works are in darkness and are saying: "Who sees us?" or "Who knows what we have perverted?"

16You are esteemed as the clay of a potter. Does the work say to its maker: "You have not made me"? And does the crafted thing say to its craftsman, "You have not wisely formed me?”

17Behold, in a little while Lebanon shall change into Karmela, and Karmela shall be considered a forest

18Also in that day, a deaf man shall hear the words of the book, and from darkness and thick darkness the eyes of the blind shall see

19And the meek shall increase in joy in LORD JEHOVAH, and afflicted men will dance for joy in The Holy One of Israel

20Because the trampler has passed and the mocker has ended, and all who provoked evil are destroyed

21And they who cause a person to sin by a word, and they lay a stumbling block for him who corrects, and they turn aside the righteous one into darkness

22Because of this, thus says LORD JEHOVAH about the house of Yaqob which saved Abraham: after this Yaqob will not be ashamed, and after this his face will not blush

23Whenever his sons have seen the work of my hands within it, they shall hallow my name, and they shall hallow The Holy One of Yaqob, and they shall magnify the God of Israel

24And those fools whose spirit erred shall know, and the insane, they shall learn to listen

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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