Isaiah 57
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1Behold the righteous is destroyed and there is not a man who takes it upon his heart, and holy men are assembled without understanding, because the righteous is gathered from before evil

2And peace shall come and they shall rest on their beds and they shall go straight ahead

3And you come here, sons of affliction, seed of adulterers and fornicators

4For what have you lusted and for what have you opened your mouth and you lengthened your tongue? Behold, you are a child of the Evil One and the seed of The Liar

5Who are comforted with idols under every tree of the forest, and you slaughtered boys in the valleys under cliffs of stone

6Your portion and your inheritance is with the part of the valleys, also upon them you poured out drink offerings and you sacrificed gifts. Shall I be comforted for these things?

7On high and exalted mountains you have made your bed, also there you went up to sacrifice sacrifices

8And behind the doors on the door posts you inscribed your memorial, because from my presence you have exposed yourself, and you have gone up and you enlarged your bed, and you are of them and you have loved their beds and the place you saw

9And you praised Kings with oil, and you increased your sweet spices, and you sent your Ambassadors far away, and you were brought low unto Sheol

10In the multitude of your ways you are weary and you have not said: "I shall stop!" You have wasted away in the guilt of your hands, because of this you have not prayed earnestly

11By whom have you been agitated with fear, and you have been in dread that you have lied to me, and you have not remembered me, and you have not thought upon me in your heart? Behold, I am The Holy One who is from eternity, and you were not in awe of me

12I shall show my righteousness and your works shall not benefit you

13By your cry shall those who gather to you save you? The wind shall carry all of them away and a hurricane shall take them, and those who hope in me shall inherit the Earth, and they shall possess my holy mountain

14And they will say: "Make clear, restore the road and lift up the stumbling stones from the road of my people"

15Because thus says The Most High, and The Exalted One who inhabits the eternities, and holy is his name most high, and holy is his dwelling with the humble, and with the weary of spirit to give life to the spirit of the humble, and to give life to the heart of the suffering ones

16Because I do not harbor ill will to eternity and I am not angry to eternity, because The Spirit from before me goes forth and the breath I have made

17With the evil of her deceit I was angry, and I struck her and she turned and she was angry, and she went she grieved herself in the way of her heart

18Her ways I have seen, and I have healed her, and I have comforted her, and I have paid comfort to her and to her mourners

19Creating speech of the lips: "Peace, peace!" to the distant ones, and to those near, says LORD JEHOVAH, and I shall heal them

20And the wicked are agitated like the sea, because they cannot rest, and its waters are turning up creeping things and mire

21There is no peace to the wicked, says my God

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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