Isaiah 6
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1In the year that Uzzia the King died I saw LORD JEHOVAH sitting on a throne, high and exalted, whose robe filled his temple 2And Seraphim were standing above him, six wings to each of them, with two covering his face and with two covering his feet and with two they were flying

3And they were calling, this one to that one, and they were saying, “Holy, holy, holy, LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts, for all of the Earth is filled with his praises!”

4And the doorposts of the door moved by the voice that called, and the house was filled with smoke

5And I said “Woe to me, for I am overcome with astonishment, because I am a man of defiled lips and I dwell among a people whose lips are defiled, and my eyes have seen The King, LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts!”

6And one of the Seraphim flew to me, and in his hand he took a coal from the altar with tongs 7And it touched my mouth and he said to me, “Behold I have brought this to your lips to remove your evil and your sins will be forgiven”

8And I heard the voice of LORD JEHOVAH who said: “Whom shall I send, and who will go?”, and I said, “Behold here I am; send me”

9And he said to me: “Go, say to this people, ‘Hear well, and you will not understand, and see well, and you will not know’

10For the heart of people this has made itself dense for it, and its ears it has made heavy and its eyes it has shut, that it would not see with its eyes and hear with its ears, and understand in its heart and return and be forgiven itself”

11And I said: “Until when, LORD JEHOVAH?” And he said: “Until cities will be wasted that are without an inhabitant and houses that are without men, and the land will be destroyed and will be desolate

12And LORD JEHOVAH shall remove men and shall increase desertion within the land

13And those who remain in it will be one out of ten, and you shall return and you shall be for burning like the oak and like the oak that fell from its stump; the seed that is selected is its planting”

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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