Isaiah 5
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1I shall sing to my beloved a song of my beloved for his vineyard: “There was a vineyard for my beloved at the corner of a heavenly country

2And he cultivated it and a hedge enclosed it and he planted it vine shoots and built a tower within it, also he made a winepress in it and expected that it would produce grapes and it produced blasted things”

3Now, men of Judea, and inhabitants of Jerusalem, judge between me and my vineyard

4What again was necessary to do for my vineyard and I have not done for it, that I expected it would produce grapes and it produced blasted things?

5Now I shall show you what I shall do to my vineyard: I shall break down its tower and it will be for plunder and I shall break down its hedge and it will be for trampling

6And I shall make it to be destroyed and it shall not be preserved, neither shall it be cultivated, and thorns shall sprout in it and a thicket, and I shall order the clouds that rain will not descend upon it

7Because the vineyard of LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts is the house of the household of Israel and the men from Yehuda, a new plant and beloved. I have waited for justice and there was rape, and for righteousness, and behold, wailing!

8Woe to those who touch house to house and are mingling field to field that you may seize a place and you may dwell alone inside of the land!

9In my ear LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts was heard: “Many households shall be a desolation from lack of an inhabitant

10Because ten yokes of land of a vineyard shall make one bath(eight and a half gallons) and the seed of a cor – (eleven bushels) shall make a seah (three gallons)

11Woe to those who rise at dawn and run to liquor and stay up late in the evening and wine inflames them!

12With harps and with guitars and with tambourines and with timbrels they drink wine, and they do not understand the works of God and they do not look on the work of his hands

13Because of this, my people have been taken captive from lack of knowledge, and their dead have increased from famine and they are overcome from thirst

14Because of this, Sheol has enlarged herself and opened her mouth wide without limit; the glorious and the honored and the mighty shall go down to her

15And a man shall be laid low and the mighty man shall fall and the lofty eyes shall be brought low

16And LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts will be exalted in judgment and God The Holy One shall be hallowed in righteousness

17And the lambs shall feed in their portion, and the inhabitants shall consume the ruins that are rebuilt

18Woe to those who pull out their sins like a long rope and their sin like the leather rein of an heifer!

19And they say: “Let LORD JEHOVAH hurry his works quickly that we may see them, and let the mind of The Holy One of Israel approach and come, and we will know it!”

20Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, and put light for darkness and darkness for light, and put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

21Woe to those who are wise in the eyes of their soul and are intelligent in front of their own faces!

22Woe to them who are mighty to drink wine and to the men mighty to mix liquor!

23And they justify the guilty because of his bribe, and the innocence of the innocent they take away from them

24Because of this, as stubble is consumed that is seized of the flames by a tongue of fire, they who are left shall be consumed, and their root shall be as the dust, and their fruit will go up as the chaff, because they rejected the Law of LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts, and they angered The Word of The Holy One of Israel

25Because of this, the anger of LORD JEHOVAH was enraged against his people, and he lifted his hand upon them and struck them and shook the mountains, and their carcasses were as mud within the streets, and by all these things he did not turn away his anger or his high hand again

26And he will lift up a sign to the nations from a distance, and he shall hiss to them from the ends of the Earth, and soon and swiftly they shall come

27They shall not stagger and they shall not stumble, and they shall not slumber, neither shall they sleep, neither shall they loosen the belt of their waists, neither shall the laces of their shoes be cut

28Their arrows are sharp and their bows are filled, and the hooves of their horses shall be considered as flint and their wheels as a whirlwind

29And their roaring shall roar like a lion and like the whelp of a lion that roars and seizes the prey and carries it off and there is none to deliver

30He shall roar against them in that day as the roaring of the sea, and they will look on the earth and there will be darkness and affliction, and the light will grow dark in thick darkness

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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