Jeremiah 50
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1Concerning Babel: the word that LORD JEHOVAH spoke upon Babel and upon the land of the Chaldeans by the hand of Jeremiah the Prophet

2“Show among the Gentiles and make heard and pick up standards and make heard, and you shall not conceal. Say, ‘Babel has been seized! Beyl has fallen, and Merudak is put to shame! Her idols are ashamed and her carved images are broken!’

3Because the people from the North comes upon her. It shall make her land a wilderness, and not one dwelling of the children of man shall be in it, nor for beast; they broke away and they left

4In those days and at that time, says LORD JEHOVAH, the children of Israel shall come, they and the children of Yehuda as one, walking and weeping and seeking LORD JEHOVAH their God 5They shall ask about the ways of Zion for their sakes. “Come, we will join LORD JEHOVAH an eternal covenant that is not forgotten!”

6As lost sheep were my people. Their Shepherds caused them to go astray and upon the mountains they scattered them; from the mountains to the hills they went, and they forgot their fold

7Everyone who found them ate them and their enemies said: “We shall not release them, for they have sinned toward LORD JEHOVAH and toward his righteous dwelling, and LORD JEHOVAH is the hope of their fathers!”

8Flee from within Babel and go out from the land of the Chaldeans and be as goats before sheep

9Because, behold, I stir up and I bring up against Babel a multitude of many Gentiles from the land of the North, and they shall be set in array against her, and from there she shall be seized; their arrows shall be as a man who shoots and returns not empty

10And the land of the Chaldeans shall be for plunder, and all plundering her shall be satisfied, says LORD JEHOVAH

11Because you, the beginning of my inheritance, will rejoice and because you will dance and you will leap like fattened calves, and you shall skip as rams of the sheep

12Your mother is very ashamed and she blushed, she who gave you birth. Behold, the last of the nations is as a wilderness, a waste and a desolation

13By the anger of LORD JEHOVAH she shall not inhabit, and she, all of her, shall be a desolation, and everyone who will pass by Babel shall be amazed and shall hiss at all her plagues

14Set yourselves in array against Babel, all those who know to shoot with a bow, shoot at her. You shall not spare with arrows, because she has sinned against THE LORD JEHOVAH

15Blow the trumpet against her! From around her she has given her hand; her foundations have fallen! Her walls are pulled down, because that is her payment from LORD JEHOVAH. Be avenged on her! According to what she has done, do to her!

16And destroy the Sower from Babel, and seize the sickle in time of harvest. Because of the sword that makes a man wretched, they shall turn to his people and they shall flee, each man, to his land

17A ewe is wandering Israel. Lions caused them to go astray. First the King of Assyria devoured him and this last, Nebukadnetsar, the King of Babel, was stronger than he 18Because of this, thus says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts, God of Israel: “Behold, I command against the King of Babel and against his land, as I commanded against the King of Assyria 19And I shall lead Israel to their sheepfolds, and they shall graze in Karmela, and in Mathnin and in the mountain of Aphreim, and in Gelad, and their soul shall be filled 20In those days and at that season, says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts, the evil of Israel will be looked into and it is not, and the sin of Judea, and it shall not be found, because I shall forgive the rest of them who were left

21Come up against the rebellious land! Come up upon it and upon its inhabitants! Wake up, oh sword, and put them to the sword, says LORD JEHOVAH, and do as I have commanded you!

22A voice that cried in the Earth, and great brokenness!

23How the mighty one of all the Earth is broken and is taken! How Babel has become an astonishment among the nations!

24Babel has stumbled, she also is seized, and she has not known that she has stood against LORD JEHOVAH

25LORD JEHOVAH opened his storehouse and has brought out instruments of his wrath, because it is the work of LORD JEHOVAH God of Hosts in the land of the Chaldeans

26Come against her from around her. Open her gates! Strip her naked and destroy her and do not leave her a remnant!

27Destroy her and all her fruit shall be handed over for slaughter! Woe upon them, because their day has arrived, the time of their sentence!

28The sound of those running away and who are escaping from the land of Babel, to show in Zion the vengeance of LORD JEHOVAH, our God, and the vengeance of his temple!

29And cause all multitudes who know to shoot with a bow to hear concerning Babel. Shoot at her from around her and you shall not leave her a remnant. Pay her according to all her payment. What she has done; do to her, because she was arrogant against LORD JEHOVAH, against The Holy One of Israel

30Because of this her young men shall fall within her, and all her mighty warriors shall be silenced in that day

31Behold I am against you, insolent one, says LORD JEHOVAH, God of Hosts, because your day, the time of your sentencing, has arrived

32And the insolent one shall be overthrown, and he shall fall, and there is no one who lifts him, and I shall set fire in his cities and it shall devour all of them around him

33Thus says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts: “The children of Israel are oppressed and the children of Yehuda as one, and all who took them captive held them fast and were not willing to send them out

34Their Savior is mighty; LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts is his name! Judging, he shall judge their judgment, and the land shall be quiet, and all of the inhabitants of the world will be angry

35A sword on the Chaldeans, says LORD JEHOVAH, and upon all the inhabitants of Babel and upon her Princes and upon her wise ones!

36A sword on her Soothsayers and her mighty men shall be stricken with a sword, and they shall be defeated

37A sword against her horses and against her chariots and against all the inhabitants within her, and they shall be as women. A sword on her treasures, and they shall be plundered!

38A sword on her waters, and they shall dry up, because it is a land of carvers of images, and they boast in idols

39Because of this, sirens shall dwell in it. The daughters of ostriches settle in it. She shall not dwell to eternity and she shall not dwell to a generation of generations �

40And she shall be as Sadom and like Amora when God overturned them and their inhabitants. No man shall dwell there and no son of man shall dwell there

41Behold, the people come from the North. Great people and many Kings shall be stirred up from the ends of the Earth

42With bows and with spears they are equipped. They are evil and are unmerciful; their voice is like the sea that roars, and they ride upon horses, and they are prepared like fire for battle against you, daughter of Babel

43The King of Babel heard their report and his hands were weakened, and anguish seized him, and pains, like a woman in labor

44Behold, as a lion ascends from the lushness of Jordan to the sheepfolds of Athan, so quickly I shall chase them from her, and young men I shall order against her, for who is like me, or who is going to assault me, or who is the Shepherd who shall stand against me?” 45Because of this, hear the thoughts of LORD JEHOVAH which he counseled against Babel and the plan that he planned against the land of the Chaldeans, who shall drag out the little ones of the sheep, and they shall make their folds desolate upon them 46From the sound of the captivity of Babel the Earth shook, and her wailing among the nations is heard

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