Job 41
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1Will you hold the Dragon in a net by a cord? Will you hold him by his tongue?

2Do you cast a bridle in his mouth, and will you pierce his cheek with a thorn?

3And if he begs much from you and speaks to you tenderly

4Does he establish a covenant with you, or do you account him as a Servant forever?

5Do you play with him like a bird and keep him for the days of your youth?

6Shall companions be gathered for him and divide him among many?

7Do you fill his skin with meat and his head in the shadow of fire

8Lay your hand upon him and you shall have no more memory of war

9Now your foot is released, also God shall take away your bitterness

10He will not go far when he is awakened, and who is going to stand before me?

11Who is before me that I would surrender? All under Heaven is mine!

12And I shall not be silent at his strength and at the sinews of his power

13Who opens the face of his clothing, and when he attacks the net, who comes?

14Who opens the door of his mouth? The row of his teeth is awesome!

15For in the torrent his mouth is tied up and bound and sealed

16They are touching one another, and air does not enter between them

17They are joined one to another and shut and are not separated

18And his eyes are filled with light, and his eyes are like the bright shining dawn

19And lamps go out of his mouth as coals of fire, and are burning like rays of fire

20From his nostrils smoke goes out as the flame of a caldron which is seething

21His breath kindles burning coals and flames come out from his mouth

22On his neck lodges strength, and before him fear will dance for joy

23His flesh is glorious and strong and firmly knit and unmoved

24His heart is firm as stone and it is hard as quartz

25From his awesomeness the mighty will be moved and the strong will be laid low

26The cut of the sword cannot remain; he bears the lances of great ones

27Iron is considered as straw to him, and brass is as rotten wood with a boring worm in it

28He does not flee from the bow, and the stones of a sling are considered by him like chips

29He laughs at a spear

31And the deep is considered like dry land to him

33And his power that causes destruction walks on the dust

34He sees all that is high, and he is King over every creeping thing

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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