Lamentations 4
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1Aleph How the fine gold is rejected and the beautiful dyed garment departed, and the stones of holiness are cast out at the head of all the streets!

2Beth The precious children of Zion who are better than costly stones have been considered just as vessels of earthen work from the hands of a potter!

3Gimel They show their breasts like jackals and they nurse their whelps. The daughter of my people has become a disease for which there is no remedy, and like an ostrich in the wilderness

4Daleth The tongue of the infant is stuck to the roof of his palate in thirst. Children asked for bread and there is none who breaks bread, giving it to them

5He Those who were eating delicacies, behold, they are lying in the streets. They who were raised in scarlet, behold, they are sleeping on dunghills!

6Waw And greater is the evil of the daughter of my people than the sin of Sadom that was overthrown suddenly, and there was no labor in her hands

7Zayin Her Nazarites were purer than snow and they were whiter than the milk of their flocks. Their bones are more red than red sardius, and their bodies are of sapphire

8Kheth Their faces are darker than coal and they are not recognized in the streets. Their skin on their bones is shriveled up; it is dried up and it is like wood

9Teth The slain of the sword are better than those killed by famine, for they waste away like those who are wounded and are thrown out in a field

10Yodh The hands of loving women boiled their children, and they were food for them in the breaking of the daughter of my people

11Kaph LORD JEHOVAH has fulfilled his anger and he poured out the heat of his wrath, and he set fire in Zion, and flame devoured her foundations

12Lamed The Kings of the Earth and all the inhabitants of the world did not believe that the enemy and the oppressor comes and enters the gates of Jerusalem

13Mem Because of the sin of her Prophets and the evil of her Priests who shed the blood of the righteous ones within her

14Nun Her Princes wandered in her streets and they wallowed in blood, and they were unable to touch their garments

15Samekh Separate from them and call them defiled. Depart and do not touch them, because they have provoked anger also, and they are afflicted. Among the nations they said: "They will not continue to dwell anymore"

16Ayin While we wait, our eyes grow dark because of our help! They gazed to gaze for nothing to a nation that does not save!

17Pe The Person of LORD JEHOVAH divided them, and he will not continue to gaze at them. Do not accept the persons of the Priests, and to the Elders do not show affection

18Tsadhe They hunted for those broken in pieces, those walking in the streets. Our end has come; our days are full, because our time has come!

19Qoph Our pursuers have been swifter than the eagles of Heaven! On the mountains they chased us and in the wilderness they ambushed us!

20Resh The Spirit of our nostrils, The Messiah of LORD JEHOVAH, was seized in their pits, he of whom they were saying: “In his shade we shall live among the nations!”

21Shin Dance and rejoice, daughter of Edum, who dwells in the land of Uts. Also to you the cup shall come and you shall be drunk and you shall be afflicted

22Tau Your sins are consumed, daughter of Zion! He will continue your captivity no more! Your violations have been sentenced, daughter of Edum! Your sins have been uncovered!

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