Proverbs 20
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1Wine is strong and drunkenness is disgraceful, and no one that is excessive in it is wise.

2The wrath of the King roars like a lion and he that angers him sins against himself.

3It is the glory of a man whenever he separates a dispute, and every fool mocks it.

4A lazy man is reproached and does not keep silent; he begs in harvest and there is no water.

5The word in the heart of the King is deep, and a wise man will draw it out.

6Many of the sons of men are called compassionate men, but who finds a trustworthy man?

7Blessed after him are the children of the righteous one who walks in integrity.

8The King sits upon the throne of judgment and all the wicked are scattered before him.

9Who will say, "You are innocent, my heart, and I am purified from sin"?

10Discrepant weights and discrepant measures, both are despised before LORD JEHOVAH.

11Even by his work a boy is known, if he is pure, and if his works are right.

12The ear that hears and the eye that sees; LORD JEHOVAH has made them.

13Do not love sleep, lest you become poor, but open your eyes and be satisfied with bread.

14A friend may say to his companion, "I have acquired wealth”, and then he will be praised.

15But let him say, "Here is gold and a multitude of precious stones and valuable vessels, and the lips of knowledge.”

16Take the cloak of one that pledges security for a foreigner, and for the sake of foreigners take his pledge.

17He pledges security to a man with deceitful bread, and after that, his mouth will be filled with pebbles.

18Counsel is acquired in the mind and in provocation war is made.

19He that reveals a secret is a slanderer, and he that is faithful in his spirit hides a matter; and do not associate with one whose lips are hasty.

20He that curses his father and his mother will extinguish his lamp as dark pupils.

21An inheritance that is hasty in its beginning will not be blessed in its end.

22Do not say, "I shall pay evil instead of good”, but wait for LORD JEHOVAH that he may save you.

23Discrepant weights are defiled before LORD JEHOVAH and deceitful scales are not good.

24The steps of a man are before LORD JEHOVAH, and who is the man that will order his way?

25It is a snare unto a man who vows holiness and whose soul is sorry for it after he vows.

26The wise King scatters evil ones and turns a wheel over them.

27The soul of the children of men is the lamp of LORD JEHOVAH, and it searches all the inner rooms of the belly.

28Grace and truth keep the King and his throne is established by grace.

29The glory of young men is their strength and the excellence of elders is old age.

30Misery and torment fall upon the evil, and affliction into the inner rooms of the belly.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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